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Welcome to the forums
Hey Big Ant,

Thanks for making these forums for some people to have input and discussion to the great games you make.

Erm, the suggestions thread at the top and the workaround thread are locked by the way =D

Well, a bit more forum feedback.

I am unable to post in general discussion Wink

I am unable to upload a custom avatar!

Again, thanks for the forums though.
Yay, it's open, thanks for doing this Bigant, it will be good to finally be able to properly communicate all of pur thoughts about your games to hopefully help towards making them even better in the future. Smile
Hope this Forum proves insightful and perfect way to direct Inquiries to Big Ant.. I Havent played the game yet but will tonight.. All things RLL2 will be noted in these forums.. Can't wait to get involved.
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Hi Wannabe...welcome Smile

We are slowly putting together avatars in the gallery for users to choose from. We won't be allowing custom avatars at this stage.
If you take a look now, there should be the NRL team logos available. Watch this space for more!

I'll investigate the General Discussion issue Undecided
Thanks Mark!

Just sent you a private message about the login as well!
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Glad to be on the forums. Really looking forward to being able to see what Big Ant might bring to us in the future and hopefully being more in touch with you guys about all aspects of your games. Will be great to see how the forums go.
hey girl, hey! :p
(10-10-2012, 12:59 PM)ak47 Wrote: hey girl, hey! :p

Just get your Raiders avatar up already AK! Tongue

im trying - how?

im a massive knoob

where is the avatars
Okay peoples, if you are having problems logging in after you close, just click on a user name down the bottom, and go to private message them, you will then log in (you don't have to send them a private message).

I've tried it on three different computers and three different internet connections as well as my iPhone.
Retro Vertigo - Gaming with Less than 17 Bits

A PodCast coming to you soon.

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