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Community search bugs
Whenever I go to search for created logos in the community, I'm only able to view a few pages before the logos stop showing up. I'll push the bumper button to load more images but all that happens is it will show the name of the created logo but have no logo image to accompany the text. Has anybody else encountered this problem? Bear in mind that it's only been doing this for the past week and a half. I apologize for the negative post in what is otherwise the best tennis game ever made.
Glad to see many people starting to agree it is the best tennis game ever made because it really is. Such a commendable job to Big Ant. Now what remains is mainly ironing out/tweaking stuff and some cool features if they have budget/time.

On the logo creator, is it worth allowing people to import logos that are in the creative commons license wise? Designing them from scratch is quite a task for your average gamer who is suffering from ADD and other disorders?

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