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Serve and Volley
So I'm not going to complain and whine like others on here. I'm just going to state the facts. The new patch has really made this game (online at least) a serve wide and volley game. 

I don't mind adapting to, however, the game is designed but its boring now. Used to have rallies from the baseline and then someone could move to the net to end the point if they were in position. The last few games I have played I have won most of them but it was just a serve wide and volley for the winner. Each match went into the tiebreaker and we both tried to get the person to make one mistake so we could win. 

I'm not saying the opponent was cheating or cheesy or not playing fair, they were playing to win, so this is not the fault of my opponent and since I won most of the matches I'm not complaining. I would just rather have the ability to make my opponent earn the point because they made a great volley pickup and made the winner, not because all they had to do was run in and hit the return of serve. Again, I won a few of these games but really thought it was boring even though I won.

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