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Career 2034
First of all Bigant please must correct gameplay,(freeze,and many problems that comunity wrote here,or on facebook)
But speak about career...
I simulated untill 2034
It’s good that cpu players lost stats and lost atp ranking and retire.
But there is a very problem: my player can play untill 90 years old without lost stats
I simulated with karlovic, now i’m in 2034,and he 55 years old, with the SAME stats from 2018.
It’s unreal.
Bigant can fix this.
Maybe an option to retire my player will be good!
My stats could to become low not the same in 2034’
Great finding!
We hope Dev Team will address properly this new issue which, besides being unrealistic is rather comic and  makes me smile ☺☺☺

federer 55 years old same stats
131 at ranking without play one game in 15/20 years

fix please

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