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Put some sale offers for the PC platform
I had to write this because i brought the first Don Bradman Cricket 14 when it was made available in steam in the local currency of my country (India). The price of DBC 14 was Rs. 499 only which is around $6 - $7 at that time. The game was really affordable and was the best cricket game i have played in the PC in quite some time after EA Cricket 2007. The recent titles like DBC 17 which was launched over a year ago still costs $44 (Approx) and the latest game Ashes cricket 17 costs $55 (Approx) her. The above prices are good for developed countries where the launch price of $60 is affordable by most while its expensive in India. Kindly consider reducing your prices or at least put those to games on sale once in a while so i could have a chance to buy that game. if you price the games at Rs. 999 (INR) or around $14.67 it would attract a lot of buyers taking into consideration how steam prices most games for India these days. I hope you consider it. I am not sure it's okay to post it or not. Kindly remote it if its offensive. Please reconsider giving some sale discounts on those games in steam platform

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