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DBC 17 PC "Error loading data" issue

After playing DBC 14 on xbox 360 for years now, i decided to get DBC 17 on my pc. Game works great but when i start a game and finish it in career or any other game mode, after the game it say "error loading data" and then all my settings have not been saved and it logs me out of Acedemy/Profile i logged in to and nothing is saved. After that I log in again and try another game mode and get the same error?

Game is way expensive, so there should in actual fact be no bugs or errors. How can you pay R 799.00 and not even get to enjoy the game. 

Hope someone can assist me. Steam does not want to refund me. I struggled for 5 hours and still no positive gameplay.

Please assist me...

Don Bradman Cricket 17 - PC (Steam Client)
I love DBC 17, I played almost every day on Xbox. Last week I have tried to install it on my windows 10 laptop. Between the installation process, my is suddenly stop working and showing windows error 0x80248007. Then I update my windows 10 os but unfortunately, error loading data occurs.

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