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Rugby League Live 5 Wishlist
I only have 3 that are really important to me.

1. Have players commit to tackles on players, even if it is just after they passed - this is how a lot of breaks are actually made in real life. This coupled with over defence turning super quickly make it a lot harder to score than it should really be, and just feel unrealistic in general.

2. Be A Pro - the career seems weird. I've just played 3 seasons with my created player, I've won multiple awards each season, won the holden cup in the first season, was captain of my team, and score 9 tries in 3 games not long before contract offers - but for some reason I'm only getting offers of 50k for 2-3 years... What more do I have to do to get a proper contract with a decent team?

3. Better balancing of difficulty. The jump from rookie to amateur is insane, you almost can't stop yourself from scoring on rookie, than amateur you almost never make a break unless your player is clearly at a much higher level than the opponents. Then the levels above that aren't that much different other than the higher ones making the AI just feel like they're massively cheating.
I think the balance that needs to happen for me is there needs to be more emphasis on using sliding and compressed defence so the less you commit to compressed and sliding defence and having multiple players in a tackle, the more momentum the attacking side gets. This way it creates an urgency about how you shift and set your defensive line and it creates a more realistic balance with strengths and weaknesses depending on how you go about it. Compressing your defence obviously strengthens up direct contact but exposes gaps wider out depending on where you decide to compress and slide and how much. Slightly faster passing could help counter compressed defence and create overlaps out wide as well as good draw and pass opportunities.

- Having the defensive line go forward with intent, I want to see speed off the line whether it be a dpad option or whatever. It kind of sucks only being able to really have one player go forward with intent so maybe link the line together by holding L2 to compress your line and move them forward at normal run speed or all out by also holding the R2 button down. Players nearest the ball carrier would advance and compress and slide quicker and players wider out a bit slower to give it a realistic look. This all affects fatigue levels obviously.

- More offload options in tackles and players hitting the ball flat and at speed as well as better support running lines, flatter and with speed plus more tackle breaks, bump offs and in general a more aggressive attack and defence to create more explosive attacking opportunities.

- Faster play the balls!!!. There's nothing worse than nearly always having to attack a set defensive line and only having plays that run wide and deep into it. So more flat plays that allow the dummy half to scoot and have a player or 2 running flat in support please. Maybe instead of only having a couple plays set to the dpad it could be used instead to adjust what sort of attack you want whether it be flat or deep so you get a different set of play lines depending on the way you want to play in different situations.
Dreams is going to bring all of my Rugby League game ideas to life and I can not wait to see how far I can go as far as if it would be possible to create a whole game or just use it for concepts for different parts of the game.
Yeah, i definitely agree with more line control in both offense and defense...

Putting the same amount of control / detail in the attacking side of things would enable you to set the line deep for backline movements or flat for hit ups / support runners (up and down arrows) with possibly left and right for kick chase and field goal shot. Step Play options should be kept... but as I think you've mentioned before... situational based...
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
The biggest improvement I think can be made is to remove assisted tackling or at least have the option to turn it off or on but have it off for online ranked. Optional for casual games.

It would mean you have to do it all yourself, line depth/width/spacing, tackle timing, it would change the way you approach the game defensively completely.

It would put you on your toes every play if it was all on you.

In the last few games but espescially RLL4, it kind of felt too much like you could put the controller down on D and feel safe the majority of the time. Without that help you would have to be more precise on selecting nearest player to ball carrier as well as actually having to use sliding and compressed defence rather than the usual just select a player along the line and sprint at the ball runner. This is why I think an improved sliding and compressed plus line depth and speed defence system would be great without AI assistance because it would give the player the ability to be far more tactical on defence as well with much more depth and its all on me.
Damn I have to get this game on my XB1 before the season starts.... Smile

That would definitely add some depth to the gameplay...
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Another little thing I just thought of is maybe on attack you could use Dpad up and down to manipulate plays on the fly, for example when a play appears on field you make a pass left then up dpad advances your team mates forward flatter at speed for on the burst runs and Dpad down drops them back so you could mix things up mid play with flat and deep runners which again could add another layer of depth.
Players need more stamina.
Everyone wants a story mode, where u can possibly start off in highschool and work ur way through to the nrl.
Is this game actually gonna happen?

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