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Rugby League Live 5 Wishlist
1.Retro Career Mode
2.facing press,interview's,couch talk's,sideline report's,build up in paper's.
3.Hightlights of the week in Career mode.
4.Online mode more stable pretty much RL2 lol
5. bring back The Biff's Mo!!!
6.Slow mo replays of big hits booone rattlers!!!!
7.Ray Warren
up up cronulla
- When Designing jerseys keep the logos and only add patterns and colours so the logos don’t look stuffed up
- Face scan players in the intrust premierships, English competitions and smaller competitions for realism
- My team
- More Jersy options (women in league, retro, jerseys from different years)
-Effective immediate signings
- realease Players before contracts up
- selection process for all rep footy not just origin (International, All Star)
- Rep footy retirement
- Selected 18th man (game day changes)
- more realistic AI signings (not signing a good full back when you already have a good fullback)
- realistic AI teams not having Val Holmes on the bench and Dugan playing fullback play Val on wing.
The ability to filter players eligibility
I'd love to see more stats in career mode that you can filter and see different players depending on position and team. They should also have career stats for each player broken down season by season. This will really allow you to see how your player and team has progressed over the years in franchise
From experience the main game mode i play is usually a career mode mainly with UK based teams. Things i would like to be added to the next instalment of the game would be the following

Make the Challenge Cup more special even having the draw being show even if it is just each team appearing on the screen. And get Wembley

If players aren't playing rating should drop it seems no matter what age players are the rating just keeps going up.

Every season seems like a repeat of season before maybe alter the fixture running.

Make Derby Games more special maybe lads local to area get an attributes boost for the game due to it is a local derby.

Add a bit of story for example foreign players getting home sick or if a player sustains an injury rating may alter for example pace and kicking ability may drop.

Crowd size alters for each match.

Buying out of contracts make negotiations more realistic and clubs approaching you to buy out contracts you can accept or reject also.

I'd love an ultimate team mode or something similar but that'll never happen.

Just a few ideas but if the game came out yearly i would buy it like a fifa just want more consistent releases.
Prime Minister's XIII vs Kumuls end of the season
There's plenty to build on with RLL4, but they need to address a number of core issues to provide greater gameplay depth and replay in RLL5

Offloads: second phase play is a huge part of rugby league, but its execution in the RLL is abysmal. It's risk is too high and reward is too low. They need a system that is easy to understand and execute, but is also not completely unrealistic. Players should be able to
- Spin in contact for quick out the back offloads 
- Try wrestle an arm free in a tackle if it's an upper body one 
- Have a quick-time event for a classic offload for a grassing tackle.

Contact area: 
- Tackles from behind should mostly be grassing quick tackles. Tackles in all RL games have lacked serious depth... speed of the play the ball is critical in RL as a sport, and they're often generated by players making half breaks and forcing players to tackle them from behind. 
- Surrenders for quick play the balls - The game offer both the ability of defending players to hold down and also for attacking players to surrender or go to ground. 

- Passing at the line should be slicker and more responsive. Currently even a couple meters out it's impossible to pass as the tackle animation seems to prevent it 

Graphics: fix the crappy lighting and field detail levels.
For the love of god stop that useless animation that means you always concede tries close to the line. You know the one, where two guys bring the attacker down and it always causes a try. It’s just a bad animation and gives away cheap points.

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