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Rugby League Live 5 Wishlist
·         Rep Selections: I know there was some sort of red tape around the international sides but it is a major stickler of the game. Should be able to pick a 25 man squad like origin. This is an issue that has plagued all RLL games. 

·         Eligibility: Have a tier 1 and tier 2 eligibility option and if they player doesn’t get selected in a tier 1 nation they can play for tier 2 eg: Hayne didn’t get picked for Australia so he played for Fiji

·         Jerseys- Like in Ashes cricket have the ability to copy jerseys from custom teams and add them to other teams 

·         Feeder clubs: If you use a custom team in career, for example I used a custom Broncos side, players from feeder clubs do not show up when you go and select your side. Titans still have the warriors feeder clubs and the Broncos still have the Capras which they haven’t for the last year or two. Wolfpack now have Bradford as their feeder club I believe.

·         Injuries: I have injuries on extreme and barely have any injuries and most of the time just to forwards. Game gets so much more interesting if you lose a key player during the game

·         No more Holden Cup

·         Interchanges: NRL and origin has 8 but every other comp has 10 but right now only 8. In extra time teams get 2 more interchanges as well.

·         Top 30 & pick 21 players each week: should be able to pick your 21 players then cut the side down to 19 and then fiddle with your 17 before the game starts eg: bench a forward and start another. Also if they player has 1 more day of injury and game is 2 days away should be able to pick them in your team

·         Fullback in attack is still behind the play the ball more often than not

·         Once you edit a team in fanhub the goal kicker and general play kickers in the line-up are randomised and they stay that way in career. Eg: added a player to the Dragons and then the line-up changes and Tariq Sims in the goal kicker. Start a career and you verse the Dragons and he kicking the conversions which definitely wouldn’t happen in reality

·         Have less than 17 players in teams eg: Penrith might only have 12 NSW cups players and the rest of the side is filled with NRL players. Auto-generate players if required when starting a career

·         Player Stats:  In career the stats just keep going up until every player is in the 90’s which makes it near unplayable. A solution I have thought of is certain stats peak at an age and then as the player gets older they decline. Eg: speed and durability, like in real life most older players lose their speed and get injured more often. Youth can also be restricted in fitness and decision making until they play top grade football. Only NRL/super league players should be able to get over a ranking of say 75 and origin and international players over 90. Perks can also help with the exceptions eg: Michael Jennings is still one of the fastest players despite his age. Major injuries should effect strength and speed as well

·         Feeder clubs: More control over feeder clubs and where your players play when not in top grade side. Eg: Penrith NRL side not going well so you want to trial players/combinations in their NSW cup side. Even the ability to play as that team would be great.

·         Mid-year contracts: We have all been wanting this for some time, a way to do is perhaps if by June a player has played less than half the games in that season and that squad had a surplus of players in that position they would become available to buy during the season. 

·         Career Editor: a menu option might be which year to start (within a 4 year space to when a new game would come out). You could pick 2019 as the year to start and the season starts with the players all a year older and fixtures randomised

·         Stadiums: The ability to change stadiums of teams. Also have half a dozen generic stadiums for QLD/NSW cup teams instead of having to play at a major stadium which they barely do

·         Juniors: auto-generate young players and when recruitment comes around you can fight other clubs to sign them as development players. Have the odd 2 or 3 who are really good and go on to be a standout early on eg: sign a young halfback at 16 and is a standout by 18 but you have to pay extra for him at the start. This gives recruitment another exciting edge

·         Recruitment: Ability to see players height/weight and eligibility in recruitment. Would be great if you could see where players go where as they get recruited as well. Even a notification in news when it’s a big player signing somewhere eg: Cronk to Roosters
- Make any logo in game, made available 

- Face scan players and make them perform screened passes, kicking motion and tackling

 - LED signage boards make the stadium look more realistic

- field creator - give rectangle dimension of a field that can be used in any stadium.... which can include field markings/sponsors, players benches, security, LED signage board placement, fire work machines, foam sponsorship pads, camera man, cheerleaders..... I know a lot of people don’t really like creating a new stadium when we just want our own custom field to play in our favourite stadiums..... to make this realistic with sponsorship etc etc LED and more options like rectangular prism sponsorship foam pads need to be made available...... this is the concept idea, for a stadium like AAMI Park it is very hard to recreate whereas with a field editor u can just edit the field to make it how it looks..... have the base dimensions for an NRL field so it fits all stadiums like ANZ, and for the excess left over fill it with grass like it usually is)

- Players standing out - when a player gets tackled near the sideline the other players tend to stand out
Smarter ref/bunker

- Name a 21 man squad on a Tuesday including injured players and make changes during the week I.e 19 comes into the squad at the expense of 16.... so if a player comes into the team they don’t take the jersey number they keep with jersey 19 or so on or if u change a bench player to the starting team

-  In-depth career-training modes, like fifa, mid season transfers, player wealth fare, memebership and merchandise pricing 

- Set play creator- maybe 4-8 slots chosen for each game which can be used (the more u use them the better u are)...... this stops the fullback lingering around or a half in a bad position for a kick on 5th tackle

- More realistic AI attack and defence (block plays in attack, maybe players rushing out of the line in defence)

- Cut scenes to start the match (coin toss, fake interviews and running out) with running out have maybe running through a banner, flame machines either side, maybe kids doing a guard of honour or cheerleaders

- Players arguing with the ref or penalties for discent

- Fights or push and shove

- 10 in the bin for repeat penalties or professional foul (includes a cut scene for a warning)

- Revamped tackling system - get the players screening simulating a tackle 

- Forward momentum revamp, I.e hard to run out of own half with backs into forwards and if no one tackles the legs, players have the chance to offload and drive

- Less unrealistic tackle breaks/fends

- Post try celebrations cut scenes - have option to run to crowd or go to team mates

- Corner post try animations 

- Better commentary

- Field markings based on coverage and day of the week I.e wild turkey super Saturday or whatever it is etc etc

- Have fireworks and realistic flame machines 

- Security on the sides lines

- Coaches box cut scenes or in the dressing sheds

- Realistic crowds I.e chants, flags, not having a sell out on a Thursday night boring game at ANZ

- Have fox and channel 9 licensing, so have cut scenes for fox games and channel 9 equivalent...... So big ant has got an nrl license so what’s stopping them from giving channel 9 or Fox promotion with having different scenes, commentators based on which company is showing the coverage.

- More errors based on fatiguing players or weather conditions

- Less cuts scenesafter an error to scrum or drop out, bring in the shot clock And drop out or form a scrum when u want too have the ref go “pack in now (team name) heads in, time off” make it more realistic

- Make stadia more realistic for example most have flame machines, LED signage boards next to the field, foam pads, LED signage running on the front of tiers I.e AAMI Park 

-  Cut the scene to cheerleaders after scoring, looks terrible

- Make the opening to the game look better ( - watch from 1:49-3) then cut to dressing sheds of players about to walkout “commentators ask is there any changes to the starting team here’s the list” (list shows) - the same team runs out to boos from the crowd then shows the other team in the sheds coming out with same team lists - come out to cheers from the crowd.....then have a scene of refs and captains shaking hands and go to kick off from there (keep it smooth like we’re watching tv instead of these terrible cut scenes)

- With be a pro, have management... demand money for contracts hold talks with clubs, have preferences where u want to play and whether ur happy at the club, maybe like fifa’s journey have interviews

- Have trainers running onto the field... if a player is injured play on for a while then stop play.... Don’t cut scene, if it’s HIA, free interchange, show the player getting carried off by trainers or if more serious a Medicab 

- Have players called out and put on report

- Have support players ready for an offload or when making a break (have the fullback pushing up In attack when not in a set play)

- Kicking - fullback can’t just run 30m in 5 seconds to cover a ball.... more balls need to hit the turf 
Love the game as it is. Cant fault it after 500 hours + on steam. ALl I would ask for a future title in this series would be SLIDERS. Take a leaf out of the AFL game, when they bought in the sliders. It let people adjust the game EXACTLY how they wanted it to play, and it worked wonders. Sliders for every aspect of the game, and I would be happy. That and AFL also brought in an adjustable camera system. YOu picked the angle you wanted by moving the mouse around, and when you where happy with that cam, you hit save and could have it forever.

Those two things, and I would be happy.
Something simple. Id love when making custom jerseys for NRL/Superleague teams that all the logos come over too. So all sponsors etc. That way when your team updates its jerseys you'd be able to try to recreate without trying to also create the logos which is so hsrd to do and are pixelated!
Lots to mention, but with Super Mega Baseball 2 being the free game on XBox... I jumped on it and I must say, I like the way their logo / uniform creator works. Not sure if it's something that could translate to Rugby League... but it does offer good results from easy effort. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
My RLL5 Wishlist currently only contains one thing:

- A Rugby League Game that doesn't get fans scrambling for a pen to list there wish list for RLL6.
These games are still very much in their infancy with lots of room for improvement so I’m happy to scribble out a few ideas here and there in the hope I can in part help get a bigger leap in depth and realism in a shorter time. Not every idea is good but if they can spark better ideas than that’s great.
Do we know if RLL5 will be BAs last? I thought a very long time ago Ross saying it was a 5 game deal - if't thats's the case I hope thwy approach 5 as the magnum opus of the series.

I hope they continue to make games into to the future but I'd like to see them close out the Rugby League live series with 5 and their next title signifying a change but that stage maybe coinciding with next gen consoles.

Wishlist for me is playing on ps4 pro/4k tv the stadia and environments needing ALOT of love 

More, More, More animations in every facet 

More assets in stadium building and player creator simply becuase its fun to build in this current game 

Deeper career mode, for be a player, coach and owner 

Money and finance!!! Make my salary as a player mean something 

Let me be accountable for financial decisions as an owner, let sponsers impact the financial clout of a club in a meaniful way, let me hire head coach and support staff and juggle that with new cap on managment

Club relocation), stadium upgrade (tools are there) after season one 

Give super league some love
Give us the ability to defend and tackle manually again with different tackles instead of the cpu tackling for us please
I've got a good idea that improves on the last defensive game idea I had in this thread so scrap that one lol.

This idea simplifies the above ideas further by removing the L2 function for controlled defensive movement and changing it to holding L1 and R1 to compress defence and changing L2 to select nearest player button.
Ok so I've broken down my last idea and come up with this more simpler far more user friendly idea.

To break it down it works like this.

L1 (hold)= Slide defensive line Right (left on screen.)
R1 (hold)= Slide defensive line Left (right on screen.)
L1 + R1 (hold)= Compress defensive line.
L1 + R1 -hold- + Down on Left Stick = Compress defensive line and advance line forward.
Hold L1 + Down or Up on Left Stick = advance or retreat Umbrella defence on right side defence (left on screen)
Hold R1 + Down or Up on Left Stick = advance or retreat umbrella defence on right side defence (right on screen)
L1 - Tap= select along the line left on screen
R1 - Tap= select along the line right on screen
L2 = Select closest player.
R2 = Sprint/perform defensive movement at faster speed or intensity. (Affects player fatigue)

So the idea from this is to give the player much easier to use controls but with greater depth and realism and to make sliding and compressed defence core requirements for good defence.

The core defensive movements could be done very simply with just the L1 and R1 buttons and with the left stick. Selecting along the line with L1 and R1 stays the same but the cool thing that can you could do is to tactically select along the line in anticipation of the next play and start compressing early in case of a quick play the ball. The highlighted player being the centre point of your defence. This also solves the problem where you want to cycle along the line and rush out of the line at speed with one player, you can do that still but also as a team or forward pack.

Tackling I feel should go back to the way it was in RLL2 with the reinclusion of ball strips and from RLL4 keeping ankle taps from slightly out of range dive tackles. On the attacking side I'd be adding back in the goosestep to down on right stick so we can all do the Ponga step but have it give a slight forward speed boost on down Right stick press. Smile

One of the key things I think can be achieved with this is taking as much of the AI assistance away as possible so all or most defensive control is player controlled. I think we can get as far as only needing the AI assist as an option for inexperienced players or for an easy mode.

Thinking about it now maybe holding L1 and R1 and pressing up on the left stick after a tackle is made can manually retreat your line?...leaves only really getting players to square up at marker, get onside and turn and chase line breaks as AI controlled needs. 

I guess a lot of these could be set up similar to FIFA as toggle assist on or off but I'd hate going up against someone online with assists all on so I'd make online ranked manual play only. Non ranked anything goes.

As for the tackling itself I'd go with this -

- Triangle= Dive/Legs tackle/ankle tap = Good tackle means player goes to ground quickly, bad tackle means goose step breaks tackle or player offloads as they go to ground.
- X= Waist tackle = good tackle means player driven back or to ground quickly, if only one in the tackle high chance of offload opportunity. Vulnerable to step in a one on one situation. Compressed defence highly effective.
- O= High/Wrap tackle = High wrap tackle, good for avoiding offload, risk of high tackle, risk of fend in one on one situation. Compressed defence highly effective.

Hold X or O= Draw nearest players to ball carrier into tackle. Rather than the odd situation with warping out of control tacklers this can be player controlled but at risk of creating gaps for offload run throughs. Reward is highly effective tackles, risk from using too much is players fatigue faster.

Speaking of fatigue I feel this should be made more noticeable in game without the need for thermal imaging so maybe players slow down more and maybe dropping off tackles, visual indications with players hands on knees or hips, holding different parts of body to indicate possible injuries that you can target on attack and line movements not in sync. Getting back the 10 a tad slower allowing for attack to get more of a roll on. Maybe even head knocks or full injuries can leave players lying on field as play continues until the immediate tackle is made and play is stopped. I'm not gonna go as far as have trainers or medical come out and assess the injury to determine what it is but it would be funny in a skippable cut scene.

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