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Rugby League Live 4 - Update Now Live
Disappointing but unsurprising. Half-arsed is certainly the word. Half the Warrington squad are still from last year and others are notable by their absence such as Ben Murdoch Masila. Bloody Kurt Gidley and Ashton Sims are still there! No Josh Charnley either.

Also, Has the issue over Jersey numbers for 6&7 been addressed?
(03-29-2018, 11:38 PM)Colin the Cameraman Wrote: Has the forward pass from the tap issue been fixed? Not hard guys.....

Fair question. Are there any game play changes/tunes- high tackles, forward passes, defensive player switching have any of these been addressed ?
(03-29-2018, 10:20 PM)Jbrown7 Wrote: Ive updated my game and still nothing has changed. Whats going on?

I gather you mean in regards to the rosters?
You will need to delete your old clubs to get the new ones
Cant change players commentary from default - can this be added in a patch HBK?

Like if you wanted to put in Conn you could have Kong as the commentary or Wynn could be Wing . All close enough. The commentary only goes off last name now. Frustrating unlike the last games where you could have any name from the list.
Hope you can answer HBK??
Is the game any better? What are the new cams like?
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Two games in and so far, I'm impressed. So many things seem to be playing out a lot better. I'm not in the expert category (didn't play it long enough to improve heaps, because there was so much wrong with it for me to enjoy seasons/careers etc). Now it feels a lot better since the last patch.

For us Side-View players, bringing back those Side-Classic views was awesome, well done!

The attacking players have more punch on my lowly amateur level and I'm in matches on attack now. It's very important to use the blue running lines players to get a better chance, so yeah that's good too.

Even the graphic smoothness in cut-scenes seems a little better even on my Playstation Pro, awesome.

The commentary does seem a little more varied/mixed. I've had some TMO try-line calls where the commentary will say they think there's a try there and be wrong occasionally. Which is good.

Animations seem to have come up I haven't seen before. The AI occasionally ankle-taps you etc.

Overall, this is a lot closer to what a future released League game should be like. I'm very happy with it in most regards. This will get more play now and value from the game. I have no idea how the sales went on this title, but I'm certain they would've been much higher if released in this state comparatively.

Now for the only bad points I've encountered so far.

Players are just a fraction too clumsy now. Both AI and my team have had some sloppy handling with good NRL teams. Not too bad though, I guess I might need to be more careful.

I had a try scored against me from my own scrum-feed. There was no-one there for a first receiver, someone came in from the centres, and picked it up. He was about to be smashed by tacklers coming in, so I went to pass one wider. Well, where he had come from, there was no-one of course, so it went to outside centre. That was so far, that the AI intercepted and went the length. Okay, I shouldn't have thrown the pass, but I also shouldn't have been put in that situation. Something that can be played around I guess.

Finally, the R1 (HOLD DOWN) + UP or DOWN (for side-cam) method of changing players on defence has been mostly fixed. That's great, but I say mostly, because it appears to be breakable. I've had it functioning perfectly in both halves of a game (great!), but then it's gone back to UP being DOWN and DOWN being UP halfway through a half.

How did this happen? I have one idea, which might be confusing to read. I'd lost the player circle, down the screen off the bottom of the screen (I think). I wasn't sure where it was, so (thinking it was off-screen up the top) held down R1 and moved down. I did this again, no go. So then I tried UP (which should've worked), but no. Then finally I tried down again and it started moving up the screen, which is opposite to the DOWN input. It seems like if you push past the last player limit whilst off-screen, you can reverse the controls again sadly. It did go back to normal for the second half though.

Anyhow, well done Big Ant and Tru Blu. A much improved experience, which I actually want to play, great work!

Deleted everything. Downloading patch now thx!!!
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Scoring a bonus zone try in the Nines still doesn't appear under try stats? Was wasn't this fixed ?
The sliding defence is bugging me it works fine on side camera but end view it goes right when you press left and left when right is pressed when the arrows indicate otherwise.
They need to tune the human v Ai sprint. It's still to hard to draw and pass the support runner's are seldom there and if they are they get mowed down immediately due to the AI having unlimited sprint in defense.
X1: Kulch
PSN: akulch
Steam: Kulch

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