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Rugby League Live 4 - Update Now Live
(03-30-2018, 06:57 PM)ak47 Wrote: They need to tune the human v Ai sprint. It's still to hard to draw and pass the support runner's are seldom there and if they are they get mowed down immediately due to the AI having unlimited sprint in defense.

Yeah, have played a bit more and found this seems to be the case for me too. Also, when performing what looks like a great draw and pass, the AI players just seem to laterally move straight to the receiver almost instantaneously. It also seems that the players without the blue lines don't just have less chance of breaking the line or stepping etc, they have minimal, which when playing two player can telegraph your moves if you have to use the blue running lines.

They need to go back to RLL3 style of play. The major problem with 3 was the exploits on the edges and not much forward impact and the speed of the game, Apart from that 3 was perfect.
Haha, I would say go back to RLL2 style but that's just me lol.
The biggest  problem with 4 is the kicking game in general play, the goal kicking is perfect. The defence rush up to quickly to make a decent kick, grubbers are the worst.
Yeah the kicking game isnt quite right, I think the kicking process needs to be faster and I also think more options for quick cross kicks and long grubbers could be added as well.

Also I think players are set too deep for mid field runs and support players need to run off the ball carrier flatter with more speed to give that burst through the line I think is much needed to test the defence more.

And I do feel passing needs a speed increase a notch or two, it just feels a bit floaty imo.

I think If the passing goes up a notch and with flatter attack positioning and better quicker flatter support runs I think it would open the game up more for the attack and spamming the right stick to make line breaks would lessen in favour of more genuine line breaks.
I agree just go back to 3 and give forwards more punch. They have overreached the other way with 4
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(03-29-2018, 11:41 AM)Big Ant Studios QA Wrote:
(03-29-2018, 11:36 AM)Wouldubeinta Wrote:
(03-29-2018, 10:46 AM)HBK619 Wrote: Hi Everyone,

A new Rugby League Live 4 update has just gone live.

The updates notes are as follows:
Stability Improvements - Career Mode, RLWC mode.
Added 3 New Cameras: Side Far - Classic, Side Balanced - Classic and Side Dynamic - Classic
50 blocked users crash.
Custom Competition ladder fix.
Fixed Club house graphics.
Updated Rosters.


Did you guys fix these bugs -

* In career mode when you get to the finals and click on the results of a match, the game crashes.
* Player commentary name can't be changed from default.
Yes, the match report crash is fixed.

Will installing this update cause my current saved custom competitions (not career) to crash when trying to load them?

When I installed the previous update it caused my saved custom competitions to crash when loading them so I don't want that to happen again.
I've found that my initial optimism for the new patch has diminished somewhat.

For one thing, when you make a break, AI players immediately around the break area don't have to turn and chase at all, they just instantly chase. This causes them to be running back in your backline within a 10th of a second after the break. This makes a lot of passes become intercepted and most times destroys the ability to string together a sequence of passes and create something. Really ruins the flow of the game.

Why is the 5/8 and H/B STILL NOT FIXED?????
Not sure why BA can’t answer questions.

Why has the 5/8 - HB numbering not fixed?
Has the forward pass of a tap been fixed??

Shut up Robbie Farrah!
Played it. Still rubbish

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