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career/training/ashes save errors.
I have bought Ashes 17  via steam. i don't know why but it's crashing hanging again and again. its been 6 7 hours . ashes series works fine but when my innings get finished it hangs. when i do career mode it hangs when i go to player attributes. i somehow skipped it and went ahead but now when i play the match it hangs when i click on training it hangs. i don't know whats happening but its making me frustrated.
my PC specs are

core i7 5820k
32Gb ram
windows 10

its not PC issue.. please help me out i have googled but haven't found anything yet. and yes i did tried that nvidia control panel option and turning on v sync etc but it did not work..

i have also emailed bigants but its been two 3 days and so far no response nothing. can anyone listen and help me out.

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