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Callmack's PC Mods - 2018
Cheers guys, I appreciate it.

I've pretty much got the whole NRL done for 2018, give or take a few (I'm actually finding the Storm Away jersey really hard). I'm hoping to post a stack more tomorrow.
Sharks 2018 Home

[Image: 4tCJisg.jpg]

Sharks 2018 Alternate

[Image: WjkdNsO.jpg]

Titans 2018 Home

[Image: 1ChSBy2.jpg]

Titans 2018 Away

[Image: 8AwZlry.jpg]

Titans 2018 Heritage

[Image: 0kc0n2q.jpg]

Sea Eagles 2018 Home

[Image: OR5OeLK.jpg]

Sea Eagles 2018 Away

[Image: OPtcWMw.jpg]

Would've liked to have posted more but I'm having a few issues with the Storm Away jersey so it's a bit delayed but I'll get there.

Footy is back! Let's enjoy it!
I have updated a few posts as I have updated some of the jerseys so go back and check all my previous posts.
  • Added Broncos 2018 Women In League kit.
  • Updated all Bulldogs jerseys.
  • Updated Canberra's Home kit.
  • Updated all Sharks jerseys.
  • Updated all Titans jerseys.
  • Updated all Sea Eagles jerseys.
I'm hoping to get some new content out tonight.
Storm 2018 Home

[Image: omBodLD.jpg]

Storm 2018 Away

[Image: nJVAUCs.jpg]

Warriors 2018 Home

[Image: 2BhEk3o.jpg]

Warriors 2018 Away

[Image: W5FL8qJ.jpg]

Warriors 2018 Heritage

[Image: ZIohyBU.jpg]
Nice work as always mate! Really adds a lot to the game Smile
(03-17-2018, 08:17 AM)Rimbaud82 Wrote: Nice work as always mate! Really adds a lot to the game Smile
Cheers man.
Hey guys, 

Just letting you know I have updated Souths Away jersey.

Here's some more.

Knights 2018 Home

[Image: 8tOaaRz.jpg]

Knights 2018 Away

[Image: 5Ug8WSZ.jpg]

Knights 2018 Heritage

[Image: TEGqH5b.jpg]

Cowboys 2018 Home

[Image: sI1wYzr.jpg]

Cowboys 2018 Away

[Image: nTxiEyU.jpg]
Rookie question: how do I get these onto my game. (Xbox one)
(03-19-2018, 06:22 PM)Ruey7 Wrote: Rookie question: how do I get these onto my game. (Xbox one)

Modded jerseys and files are PC only.
(02-17-2018, 10:03 AM)callmack1 Wrote: Hi everyone,

Footy is finally back which means my mods are too! I'm sure many of you will be happy to know that I have been working hard on new 2018 content for the game and it should be released soon.

In fact, the first installment of 2018 Jerseys will be coming next month on March the 3rd, the week before the start of the 2018 Season so they'll be right on time for Round 1.

Here's a quick sneak peak:

[Image: 5tRAFKE.png]          [Image: Pout3qD.png]

Can't wait to release these.

Giddy up guys!
These look absolutely great, just wondering do you use any software to transfer the jerseys from imgur onto a players body or something, I’ve always wondered how to do that with graphic design

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