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Bug or Design Flaw??
I have been happy playing this game but I’m finding it too easy now even in legend mode because of what I think is a bug or design flaw. Likely a design flaw.

I can win every game on every level against any opponent or playing as any player simply by rushing the net. 

On my serve I simply serve then rush the net and win the point from the net.

On my opponents serve I return and then rush the net on the return or play after and win the point from the net. Women or male players makes no difference. 

If the AI has no lob shot I don’t think it can counter and it can’t so I just win every point including on legend.

So since mastering the controls the game has become no competition for me and so boring winning all the time even on legend. Even on legend the AI has no answer for an attack from the net as long as I stay in the middle and keep hitting eventually it loses the point. 

I think the AI needs tweaking to read the game better especially rushes at the net and perhaps throw up lob shots to counter? Until then I’ve beaten the game and there’s no competition for me anymore.
Totally agree with above.......
Did anyone test this game?

Shut up Robbie Farrah!
It was rushed out for Australian release.

Let's hope the difficulty and AI intelligence is ramped up. Because at the moment the AI is: repetitive, easily countered, predictable and unchallenging...

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