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Patch 1.11 PS4/ Patch 6 for Xbox One; A major new feature!
Hi all!

A weekend update; we have another major patch live (Patch 1.10 on PS4/ Patch 6 on Xbox One). This patch adds a major new feature and further refinements to the game.

Patch notes below! Enjoy, and have a great weekend :-)

- Implemented shareable custom Stadium Creator.
- Custom stadiums will be used in Career mode based on location.
- Improved Player Visuals.
- Added new London court.
- Corrected invalid double bounce detection on service.
- General stability improvements.
Thanks for the patch Smile , but now the lob is not working properly (or as it did before). Now, out of ten triangle button pushes maybe one will turn out a lob. The rest will be topspin shots even if I pull back on the stick. Is this a deliberate change to the game mechanics? If so, I prefer the previous system where a button press results in a lob.

Please fix it! ;-)))
I've now noticed that the lob is more reliant on your timing than before. I preferred it when you just hit the button and the lob was executed, as in patch 1.10 and before.

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