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Big problems with Jetpack Joyride Deluxe on PS Vita
Good day to you, dear administration. I have many problems with this game. And the reason, that you don't answer to the messages from emails, i will double write it here.

1) After a new year, some days after new year, i have bought some clothes pieces for the real money. Like "Doctor Coat", "Genera; Coat" and e.t.c. This clothing is not showing in my stash. So this is the first question, where is my money and where is the clothing?
2) There are bugs in the screen, like black lines near Barry, when i using some type of jetpacks, and Mr. Cuddles have only his head. All other body is showing with black-line squares. 
3) Why "normal head barry", whis is free for bouing, is always can be bough for free over and over and over again? I'm buying it, turn off the console, switch it on on the next day, and do you know what i see? Yes, you are right, i can buy this head again.

This is some of the problems, if i remember or see some more, i will write about them.

Hope you will answer me and help to resolve my problems.

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