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Female model graphics issues.
Hello, these are some issues I posted on the PC forum but I thought I should post here as well. 

There are some fairly large graphic glitches when playing the Women's side of the game. I am not even sure how they got through testing some are so bad.

Hair clips through hats with some hairstyles:

[Image: s7vLblH.jpg]

Uniforms have clipping issues on female models, but not male:

[Image: G3TuCzU.jpg]

And the worst one, if you try to use a shirt with more than one color, and chose a manufacturer that includes jumpers, you get this:

[Image: j3ryzHe.jpg]

Clearly these issues are not acceptable. Were the Women's teams not tested? And are there any plans to correct this?
This was completely ignored when I posted it, and completely ignored in the patch.

Shoddy, lazy work. Period.
extremely disappointed with this game.

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