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Your Suggestions!
Big Ant would appreciate fan suggestions for future AFL Live titles. Please use this thread to post your comments here.
Adjustable sock length! Wink
Would love to see "smarter" AI play. At the moment it seems a little "predictible" or "computerized" they never do quick play ons, they don't change the direction of their attack, they start attacking one side and stay there until it goes out/goal/ you intercept etc

Just more free flowing play I guess.
Legend is what Legend does!
Probably no point in mentioning a career and my player type mode eh?
I loved AFL Live, I thought it was extremely under rated.

You guys almost nailed the controls, I thought they were fantastic. For sequels I would like to see the engine enhanced with better lighting, more detailed stadiums, maybe more impact on the physics during wet weather games perhaps...

A "true" career mode, with an enhanced player editor would be welcome. One thing I hope never makes its way in is the fixation with gambling and gambling advertising. Even though it's at the real games and TV presentation, I hope it never makes its way into the video games.
7 man back or forward line, longer career, better ground play, be a pro mode, mini games, proper stats, better marking, proper bumping and shepherd, more difficult kicking for goal, dribble kicks along the ground, better breaking tackles (actually requires skill more than stats), bananas and torpedoes are different buttons, tribunal and it might be way out of scope but have some narrative or player rivalry between matches to build up the hype.

I don't want to give you the impression I didn't enjoy your game. It is definitely the best AFL game made. It's only fault (which is not yours) is as sports game it is in the same league a Fifa and NBA which are a lot more developed.
I'd say this first attempt at an AFL game was better than FIFA's first attempt. Admittedly, BigAnt had some examples to go off, but FIFA took years to get as good as it (supposedly) is. AFL Live will get there. We just want improvements and don't go backwards like NBA 2K does sometimes.
AFL Live was awesome, cant wit for the next one.

1. Better tackling and running system. In AFL Live every time you got the ball you were tackled immediately and the only way to free up the play and get some run going was to continually handball to space.

AFL live was the fastest and most free flowing game yet and creating a better tackling system would improve that even more.

2. Make stats count. Cale Hooker shouldn't be able to run down Lewis Jetta. This would also help with making the game more free flowing.

3. Better team management/selection menu. It was a bit of a pain to change players positions and who was in and out of the team.

I think seeing the whole ground, positions and all the available players on the screen, just like when you're changing up your super coach team would be a great way to go. It would be familiar and super easy to navigate.

The super coach layout of the ground positions and players available would also work brilliantly when you are creating a custom team. Again you would be able to see everything you need to know on screen at the 1 time.

4. For the love of God have more then 2 songs in the menu's Tongue.

5. Multiple versions of the crowd yelling 'BALL' when you tackle a dude would be awesome. I love the atmosphere of Aussie Rules and just adding the crowd yelling 'BALL' would make the game more intense.

Not demanding at all ey...Tongue
Here are just "some" of my little suggestions from someone who's played the game from hours on end.

The A.I needs to be more realistic. The football physics is like a floating balloon when bouncing, that needs to be fix to be more like a real football (like Rugby League Live 2 ball physics). Add in Grubbers (a must!), tapping along the ground needs to be implemented into the game as well. And try and put in a feature that allows players to try and keep the ball alive when going out of bounds, or when right near the goal posts. Too many times have I rushed the ball through my own goal posts! And make the "Very hard" difficulty even harder, it is way too easy for me now. More guernseys (One off/promotional/heritage) and extra goodies would always be cool :3

Oh yeah, I saw AFL 99 gameplay the other day, and they had a coin toss, and that would be a nice little thing to have. There should also be twilight matches. More suggestions to come, can't wait to see what other people come up with as well Smile
As I mentioned in my own thread, and as some people have said here, a true career myplayer mode, just look at the NBA games and how well it's executed

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