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Your Suggestions!
I played at least 500 matches with my two mates and first would like to say it was the most enjoyable game on my PS3.

Points with * are the things I consider paramount in adding to the game experience.


Slightly less tackling or less effective tackling.
- Slightly more time to dispose of ball when being tackled.
- More Ball-Up's
No 75m smothers.
- Smothers in the game were ridiculous.
Option for set shot goal kicking like Tiger Woods 12 by swinging joystick.
Ability to keep the ball in play when near boundary.
Ball must touch foot to be a goal.
-This prerequisite didn't happen on many occasions and resulted in yelling.
At breaks and end of games have more statistics up.
Make ruck punches less effective.
The AI difficulty could be improved but I played a whole lot more multiplayer.
Pretty good first time around!

Complete Match Replays possibly with telecast camera angles.
In-game option to upload replays to youtube.

*Banners that the players run through before the game.
- Over-sized head of milestone game player in Draft mode.
- Corny catchphrases.
- Fans holding up banner.
*Crowd only waves flags when players take to the field, mark inside 50, score or win.
*Cheer squad banners behind the goals.
- "You Buddy Beauty","Delicious","I love big Cox"
- Or simply generic player and team names.
*Crowd size varies depending on...
- Team performance
- Opposition team performance
- Opposition team location
- Derby
- Crowd = Capacity x (1.5 x LadderHomeTeam/18) x (0.8 x LadderAwayTeam/36)
Famous cheer squad members
- Joffa and his gold jacket!
*Larger crowds make more noise.
Extra occasion when playing Grand Finals.
- Craig Willis MC.
- National Anthem.
- Half time sprint.
- Medal Presentations (

Ability to use current AFL FANTASY/SUPERCOACH teams head to head.
All Star game where you take turns selecting 22 players.

- Computer generated players.
- Multiplayer drafts (Online & Offline)
- End of season player de-listings,trades and free agency.
- More variation in animation and cause.
- Fighting or reckless play.
- Off field drama.
- In addition to the Brownlow, Coleman & Norm Smith.
- Round by round Brownlow count even if it is just a count.
- AFL Rising Star and weekly nominations.
Club/Trophy Room
- Medal displays and honor board much like the one in AFL Live but less Madame Tussauds.
Footy Record
- Generic newspaper readout shown at the start (or conclusion) of each round.
- Results.
- Injuries.
- Form players.
- Suspensions.

Craig Willis
- Grand Final MC and other audio-cosmetic roles.
Rod Mulliner
- Finals Intro's.
"The scoreboard is reflective of the scrappy nature of the game"
Have Dennis talk more analysis.
Have pronunciations for classic football family names not present in the AFL anymore.
- AFL, SANFL, WAFL hall of fame players.
- Could be used for computer generated players and custom players.
- (

Option to play custom music.
That's the thing about Football : Greg Champion (qeJNFKdQUe8)
Up There Cazaly : Mike Brady (2IAa0bsjGZI)
One Day In September : Mike Brady (B6KpyGtSYWg)
Update the team songs.

*Ability to trade player created content.

*More control when creating custom guernseys.
- Colours, Designs, Logos & Sponsors.
Ability to upload custom team song for custom teams.
- i.e. Bulls on Parade for my Raging Bulls.
More flexibility with custom seasons.
- For some reason I couldn't make seasons with only custom teams after the update.
When creating custom teams have computer generated players to fill the first 20 places.
-Option to choose the fixture in custom seasons.
Ability to easily choose player numbers.

If you manage to make an versatile player and team creator and an online trading/uploading system then you guys making SANFL,VFL and WAFL teams are a waste of time!
AFL Live was a really great game. I feel that there could be some improvements to make the game even better.

Create a Team: With the team editor, it will be great if users could actually upload their own sponsors onto the jerseys and even upload their own team logo like what is in the current PES series. But instead of adding a full design with the sponsors. Users will have to only upload and scale the sponsors they wish to put on the team jersey. This will include the sponsors on the front, back and shorts. With the choice of inserting the AFL, NEAFL, VFL, SAFL, WAFL logos (if leagues are in the game) where it is usually placed on all jerseys. With the jersey designs, the user can see the types of designs and put a number of designs on just the one jersey. That way people can recreate the Melbourne Demons Jersey, Sydney Swans Jersey for their own created team, also with a range of different colours that the user can select.

Leagues and Teams: Like with the PES series again, Big Ant can create all leagues with custom created players. Instead of putting the Real Team names the nicknames can be put with different logos for the team and random jersey designs. The teams in the leagues can also be edited in the team editor enabling users to recreate the correct teams in the leagues with correct logos, jerseys and sponsors. Also put classic teams again like in the previous AFL Live game.

Game modes: With all the current modes insert a career mode which enables users to play a certain amount of years with the draft at the end of the year where the game automatically designs players for the draft. Inserting special matches where users can play a selection of historic matches where if completed will unlock classic teams or stadiums.

Stadiums: Have more stadiums. Please put Westpac Stadium, Blacktown Olympic Park and other stadiums which were not on the previous AFL game but were played in. Also random named ovals in the suburbs for the other league teams.

Gameplay: The graphics and controls are excellent. Just insert the teams running through the banner at the start of the match with the club song playing.

AFL Live is a good game. Hope you consider my ideas which I would like to see and I think many other users of AFL Live would also like to see in the next AFL Live video game. Big Grin
AFL Live was a great game, i would love another one. some small things i disliked about AFL Live though:
1.) How high players jump when attmepting to spoil or punch the ball. it looked very unrealistic.
2.) the way the goal umpire acted when signalling.
3.) commentary was good, love the commentators, but it got very repetitve.
4.) the players looked a touch to big compared to the size of the oval, it just looked kind of out of shape.

other than that great game. stadiums, players, kits - all looked very good. gameplay was also fun. i think a 3rd commentator would be needed though.

hope this helps a bit! Smile
I have many suggestions

#1 State Leagues [VFL, SAFL, etc]

#2 An option to fight

#3 more realistic gameplay
- Speed is more realistic [some whiteboy can't catch rioli]

#4 - - more than one season, week, reitrments, draft

#5 a my player function like Nba or fifa

#6 more time to dispose of the ball

#7 better replays more often

#8 actual captains, not just the best player to do the toss

#9 Recording Mode

Thanks for looking at my ideas and i hope they advance the games development
(11-18-2012, 12:53 PM)Spur Wrote: If you do that when editing the player, does that affect his number? If you delist somebody, and relist them, they'll then take the first vacant number. I updated my Collingwood side to accommodate list changes (Wellingham, Dawes, Tarrant out; Young, Russell, Lynch in, and Krakouer up from number 3 to number 7) and it takes a bit of shuffling to get them wearing the right numbers.

My cousin just holds the mark button. My friend, who's a good mark, generally taps it like a maniac. I've tried both techniques. I think my jostling and positioning sucks, but I'm unsure how to improve it.

Try to tap it when the ball is right near the contesr SmileBig GrinCool

Two other things I'd like to see:

1. Mini-games. E.g. goal-kicking contests, a handball comp, that sort of thing.

2. The capability to play a mini-game whilst the game's trying to find you an online match-up. It's annoying waiting. Would be good if you could have a goalkicking comp or something like that whilst you're waiting.
new features
marking the marking should improve like more marks running back into the flight,diving marks ,chest marks,one handed marks and speckies
in big contest if players get knee or crunched in packs then they should stay down or
struggle to walk or serve injury or minor injury
speckies- there should be more speckies and variety of different ones like players that have a better leap than others should take better speckies there should jumper higher
drop punts
stab passes
banana - should be l1 and anlong stick
snap - should be a different button to the banana
the power and accuracy is better on the angle
soccer kick
tackling- the tackling should be better
have couples types of tackles like
arm pin tackle
normal tackle
aggressive tackle
Something else is the next game has to have much better player selection when you're clicking to get another player. Should go automatically to the teammate closest to the ball. Can't count the amount of times I've clicked and clicked and it's given me everybody but the guy right near the ball.
-ability to do more than one season in the manager/coach mode
-make a mode where you can go through the draft camp and then get drafted so a full on player career
-make it less ball ups around the groun the last game had far to many ball up and well you laid a tackle was either instant free or ball up try make it flow more and more realistic
-ability to do nab cup then straight into season instead of having them seperate
-make finals and especially the grand final an actually big deal rather than it looking and feeling like any other match with a cup and streamers at the end have a build up add cut scenes of the build up of the week prier eg. the parade
-going to the browlow actually watching it and seeing medal presentation (ps brrowlow is not normally won by a player just cos he kicked alot of goals which was what happened last time it was very stupid)
-make us able to offer contracts and renew and add free agency and make the money offered and conditions on contracts in our hands so we can handle the salary cap ourselves offer players a pay cut to get another big name and such would be cool touch
Just started playing this again after a long absence.

AI is super moronic. Players run away from the ball, leave opponents they should man to run to a contest you have covered, and when you have the ball they fail to spread.

Game's awesome when it honours your passes and handballs and you can get some continuity. I understand no team has 100% disposal efficiency but the amount of times you're undone because a basic handball doesn't hit its target is infuriating.

Frees really mar the game. Too many negative frees (e.g. too high, push in the backs) which bust open a contest. Gets frustrating since you have no control over it, and are rarely rewarded positively.

Thing which I find most annoying are the fend-offs. Completely random (although obviously dependent on stat), but when they work they totally destroy an opposition. Shouldn't be something determined randomly. Would've been good if some element of skill could've been introduced.

Custom teams another annoyance. People just juice up players, so it's impossible to compete against them in a marking contest. Hate when you're standing in front of a pack, the ball's coming straight to you, you've got the ONLY position for a mark or punch, and then because the opponent behind you has some ridiculous marking stat your guy doesn't even compete, the ball sails through you and the opponent marks it.

Also, nobody's ever answered but there is some internal momentum isn't there? At times, things work for you and at other times things keep going against you.

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