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Your Suggestions!
Another thing I'd like to see is that the players actually have physical presence.

E.g. you're running back with the flight of the ball, your opponent trailing you. You should be able to just stop, hold your ground, and block your opponent's run. This would be useful for marking of shepherding balls goalward-bound.

I understand, however, this sort of presence could wreak havoc with collisions in general.
Something else to consider is minimizing the amount of time the relief ruck actually plays in that role. There are occasions he's simply too long in that role in game-time (e.g. the bulk of one quarter), which wouldn't happen in a real game (unless there was an injury to the primary ruck).

Also, the relief ruck probably shouldn't start quarters as the ruckman, especially the third quarter. You'd think the breaks between quarters (as would occur in real life) would be enough rest for the primary ruckman to get back in there.
I really want to see customization in the controls, ever since the patch was introduced I played less and less because the controls were made harder. Unfortunately I couldn't get a comfortable grip of them which left me not enjoying it as much. (This was the PS3 version)
My suggestions for AFL Live 2:
- Career Mode/Association Mode & Normal Season Mode (Like AFL Live)
- Create a Guernsey for Custom Team or AFL Team. Doesn't worry me about the preset Guernseys but to be able to edit colors in which part of the guernsey.
- More menu music or just normal created music.
- More Guernseys for AFL Teams. Not a big thing but would be nice to see Fremantle's 2010 Clash Guernsey without the purple shorts -_-
- Team Editor/Create A Player to have more options. Change players numbers around, choose who is captain of the club, change current players hair around.
- More options. 5-6 levels of Crowd sizes (MUST), Open the roof of Etihad Stadium.
- Host options for Online play. I have no problem the way It is but you have to add options. Add everything from single player options.
- Redo the whole Goal Kicking. Maybe have it so we run up manually and then go for the Goal Kick. Seems to fast when going for Goal.
- Life-Like Presentations. Make the game feel like we are watching a real game. Have teams come out with there themes, etc. Maybe copy Fox Footy or Channel 7 the way they do it.
- Better Custom Season. Make an option for rounds. So we can have a custom season of 23 rounds and put the real finals in too. Option for a NAB Cup Season.
- Show scores on the screen during a center bounce & add maybe a few options for the scoreboard in the corner to look different. Make It like Fox Footy, maybe the one it is now, Channel 7's etc.
- Be able to get reported. Make bumping better. If two players are about to run into each other, If someone goes for the heavy bump key, he should knock the hell out of the other player and most likey get reported.
- Different leagues
- Better sounds. If a team comes from behind in the last term, there should be loud crowd cheers. If a team wins the grand final, It should be insane. Overall make It feel like a real-life game.

That's all I wish for to be added/fixed in AFL Live 2.
It'd be good if you could create profiles for each user who plays the game, and stats were then kept for each profile.

To give you a basic example, my cousin and I used to play (multiplayer) seasons and online. It'd be good to see what our individual stats are -- kicks, handballs, marks, goals, tackles, etc.
I loved AFL Live it was the best AFL game yet. For AFL Live 2 i think you should be able to make a career where you create a player and get drafted to a team like the FIFA 13 career. And just making the commentary more detailed and the gameplay. And a coaching career mode would be awesome. Also i think VFL, WAFL and the other state leagues and stadiums should be included in the game. These additions would make AFL Live 2 perfect
Further to the career mode, it would be great to have a master league type mode similar to Pro Evo. Where you start out with your team playing in say the VFL, then if you win the comp you can be elevated to the AFL. Going through the preseason drafts / trades between each season and spending Exp points you get from games to buy training equipment to boost skills, attributes etc. The your players will improve or fade depending on age and development.

I think kicking for goal also needs to be made more of a challenge, need to take wind into account more, or deal with variations in the flight of the ball. Maybe a mechanic similar to tiger woods golf, where you draw back to determine the power then as you follow through if you veer left or right on the stick it will draw or fade your kick.

Also, (I promise I'll stop after this!) if there are key attributes that certain players would have. Like Jeremy Howe would have the "Speccy" ability, Stephen Milne the "Snapshot", Garry Ablett the "Clearance King" and "Sharpshooter" and make some defenders a "big hitter" for hip and shoulders.

Anyway, they're my thoughts ... I'm sure it will be awesome either way!
1. Manager Mode/Career Mode - That includes continuous seasons, trade week, free agency period and draft week.
2. Be A Pro Mode/Pro Clubs - This would be amazing if it could be done right and would provide a different mode that would keep the user enticed with the game for longer.
3. Search Preference - I don't mean which nationality, i think you should be able to select whether you find multiple people playing the 1 team or if its a custom team because it can ruin a game. For example I went geelong the other day with the new recruits and found someone who just made a ruckman with max everything and just kept hitting it down to overpowered midfielders who kicked it into a FF by the name of Jesus Christ. Fair to say he won.
4. Custom Teams Being Custom - I think it would be great adding a few more customisations like being able to choose specific colours instead of preset combinations, and also maybe adding new haircuts like a Mohawk, Dreads, Afro, and such to make it a little different.
5. More Soundtrack - I'm not sure how hard it is to get rights and such to songs on a video game or anything but could the new game have more then 2 songs, like maybe a bit of ACDC, Jet and other great australian music.
6. Fix The Pace - I think Cyril Rioli was useless in the other game, a few times i was running the wing and he got caught by medium paced players when in real life Cyril would've been away whether he had to bounce the ball or not. This pace and the inability to move the ball a bit more freely makes certain players like Cyril, Lewis Jetta, Motlop and others useless.

Well at the moment thats all I've got but this does not mean I did not like the first game. AFL Live was the BEST AFL game i have ever played. 9/10
I don't think honestly that the game play itself is in desperate need of change except maybe the marking and goal kicking, (snaps and the possible adding of a dribble kick).
what I'm looking forward to is more of a realistic feel to the game where you are made to feel like you are involved in and shaping a real AFL season.

Career mode - VFL through to retirement.

Stats - that you can access during the game, rather than just the top few players. and these stats should directly influence the results on brownlow medals, best and fairest and also one off medals for example the derby medals and Anzac medals.

Being able to have a draft and trade week would be brilliant and also having free agency would be cool.

More in depth ability to directly change the design of the jumpers and symbols for custom teams, and also have them be able to be competitive with the original AFL clubs, by increasing the salary cap for offline custom teams.
plus you might also think about putting in the ability to have a 20 or 22 team season with your custom teams.

I really can't wait for this game to come out and I have total faith you guys won't disappoint.BlushBig Grin

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