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Your Suggestions!
(10-28-2012, 10:04 AM)Ross Wrote:
(10-28-2012, 09:49 AM)Spur Wrote: I'll give you an example: the ball's kicked to Toovey. His marking stat is probably about 60. He stands right under the ball. Franklin comes running in. His marking stat is about 90. Franklin is in no position to mark the ball. Yet Toovey now becomes incapable of marking, (often in these situations, they won't even put their hands up), and Franklin now accomplishes a physically impossible mark (e.g. he'll actually dive through Toovey, or reach over him).

All things being equal the stats will then decide (plus a dice roll) what the outcome will likely be. If both players try to catch the ball then position comes first, stats second. If one player trys to bat the ball and the other tries to mark it then the other arbitration is used based on the skill requirements of what has been chosen (ie what is an easier move to perform).

Thanks for the response. I think the situations needs to be weighted more to the position. The instances I refer to, the player who marks has no right to mark. There are times also it's physically impossible, e.g. for the player to mark, he would have to jump through his opponent. If the opponent just stood his ground, there'd be no way for the player to get to the ball.
I think I would just be a lot happier if I knew why I can never win a mark contest. So far all I know is press Y. I don't know if its hold, tap or to do with timing. I know position has a lot to do with it but I don't know the "correct" position. I think marking needs to be more skill based on the player rather than the game character. Not sure how you would do this but I wouldn't feel so robbed when I can't win a marking contest and I would stop blaming the characters and take responsibility.
Another example: I was just playing online and an opponent kicked the ball into the F50. My defender was standing right under. He didn't have to move. Franklin came running in front behind then suddenly had the mark, although he was never in position to get to it.

You have to consider the physical realities of these contests. The best marker in the world isn't going to mark the ball if an opponent is standing in front of him and ball goes straight to the opponent. Put me in front of Travis Cloke or Buddy Franklin and if the ball's falling on my chest and they're ten meters behind me, they're not marking it. They might crush me. But they're not going to finagle a mark.

And I agree with you, Michael Powell, that there needs to be a greater contest of skill, although I think that's applicable to certain facets of the game, which can be improved in that area, e.g. goal-kicking. It is just guess and hope for the best.

Tackling's another, although I have to admit I'm unsure how you'd perfect that. But it's another where it's frustrating that you might give away a ton of frees when you're executing a fundamental requirement of the game, and are never rewarded in return.

Like I've said, ripper game, but some tweaks would make it truly awesome.
Some things I'd like to see in a sequel (or even an update):

-- the pause some players execute just as they reach the ball, which usually results in the opponent behind him picking up the ball -- get rid of it. There's no justification for it.

-- the bump. It's used as a massive weapon online. When two players are running to the ball, the one behind will bump the other in the back. The bumped player will stutter. The other will simply pick up the ball. If a high ratio of these were free-kicked (e.g. 8 out of 10) it'd make people warier of using it as a tactic. It shouldn't be hard to write up a subroutine which arbitrates that a push in the back equals a free. Also, players are bumped following marks, often resulting in PLAY ON situations. Again, should be an arbitrary fifty.

-- AI: one thing I'd really like to see is that as soon as you pick up the ball (or are about to pick it up), your teammates spread frenetically. A lot of times, you scoop up the ball, and your teammates are just standing flat-footed and motionless around you. You handball to one of them, and because they're not moving they get caught. If they were already running goal-side, would totally open up the game and make it easier for continuous play.

-- have mentioned the AI before, but your PS3-controlled teammates do some bizarre things. An example: the opposition kicked the ball long. It landed in the goal-square, not an inch (in screen-size) away from one of my players. Instead of picking it up, my player ran away towards the pocket to man-up, allowing an opponent to to run in and kick a goal. They seem to do the opposite of what you require -- e.g. come to help you out in a contest you have covered, thus creating a free man; stay on their man instead of coming to an opponent running free; stay on their man instead of cutting off a ball coming to them.

Sorry, don't mean this to sound a whinefest. Really enjoy the game. Awesome effort for a first shot of it. I think some of these thing would take it to another level.
-The pace of the game seems really quick. As soon as you pick up the ball there isn't much time to dispose of it, leaving you to constantly handball or kick into space.

- (CAREER MODE) Having a whole new layout for Career mode, Having an off-season trade period, to trade players with other clubs, tribunal would be really realistic. I also thought being able to have a Brownlow medal night, on Grand Final week where they read out all the votes and announce the Brownlow Medallist would be very cool.

- Would love to see instant replays included.

- A Draft would be awesome.

- Definitely needs a new soundtrack!

- Better commentating.

- Video review systems for close calls on the goal line, to make gameplay more dramatic in those close calls.

- I found when I chose my team for the custom season the players didn't play in career mode, so I have to wait and finish my custom season before I can play my career mode because some of the players are missing.
This is gonna sound way out of scope and completely unnecessary but what I love about football and what makes it so interesting is all the stories and rumours going around. Buddy franklin being out for injury and rumours going around about being on drugs. Players getting reported for drinking and stuff. The rivalry between players. If any sport game gets this right it will be beyond amazing. It will attract more audience. NBA, madden, FIFA and fight night are already making slow attempts at this idea but AFL could be the first to perfect it.
You can do that to some small extent. I don't know how much impact it will have.

You have to set up the game so that it's structured around a calendar. For example, right now, you play all the games, then move onto the following round. But if you had a calendar, you'd click through the days, day by day, week by week. Different games would be scheduled Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and occasionally Thursday and Monday (and whenever Anzac Day falls).

On the weekdays (as you click through them), you'd have the off-field management, e.g. training, tribunal, medical needs. If you had a career mode, you could implement training on, say, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have control over what the session's about. For example, it could be concentrated simply on maintenance, or you might focus it on skills, or endurance. Whatever the focus would have a direct relation to attributes.

In that regard, attributes might have a 'flux' factor, e.g. Gary Ablett's kicking skills might be 85, with a flux of 10/10 - so it might drop to 75, or get as high as 95. Training could affect this. Somebody like Ben Johnson might have kicking skills of 70, wih a flux of 25/10, so it might drop as low as 50 and get as good as 80. Training could affect this. (You could apply this to goalkicking skills, too).

Back to the calendar. You could also have headlines each day. The Monday headlines might just be a round-up of the week's games, and the Friday's a preview of the games. But you could have a random element where the sort of stuff you've suggested occurs. Of course, it shouldn't happen too frequently. Such incidents could have an affect on confidence and a player's performance, and possibly the team's performance.

You'd have to change the actual interface, though. One example would be to have the set-up of a desk -- that week's calendar on the left half of the screen, the newspaper on the right half, and then you could include things like emails/messages from assistant coaches, medicos, or from the president (if he's dissatisfied or whatever) that come in.

One query is how far you want to push the managerial side. I like some sort of managerial aspect in sports' games, but you can push it too far, e.g. some of the FIFAs go way over the top. So it'd be good to have an option basically for autopilot, so you set that stuff up and let it take care of yourself, leaving you just to play the (arcade element of the) games.

One final thing on this -- it'd be good to set up the feeder leagues (i.e. VFL) where you get reports on player performances which can have an impact on selections, e.g. you might choose a forward whilst he's hot and his confidence is up. It adds a new element to player selection.

One other suggestion for Online play is a 'Mutual Quit'. Played somebody the other day and the internet connection was horrible. I messaged the guy and he said it was the same on his end. I had to quit, but that affects my reliability. Would be good to have a mutual quit there which doesn't affect your reliability.
game isn't intuitive. too practical. you get disabled from contests just because an opponent has a higher stat. basic disposals regularly don't execute. frees seem totally random. teammates play dumb footy. online is a rort of players cheating stats.
Unsure if it's a glitch, but there are times when goals are kicked the shadow of the ball appears to go directly through the goal-post, which would imply that the ball would be going directly through the goal post. Maybe the ball travels above the goal post so the detection isn't corrected.
Continuing my whinge, the Reaction Time is really a stat which is good in theory, but doesn't work in execution, as it causes too many disparities in contests.

I'm guessing it's responsible for why players leading the race to the ball will suddenly pause, and allow an opponent behind them to pick it up; or when in congestion a player will stop right before a ball right in front of him, refuse to pick it up, and allow his opponent to take it.

It's exasperating the amount of times you can surrender the ball which by default should be yours.

Also, if I can ask, what stat is responsible for whether your players play in front? Is that Reaction Time, Decision Making, or a combination of both? My players always seem to be led to the ball. Cheers.

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