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Your Suggestions!
Sorry I'm loving this thread. I just want to say this is a great idea and you should really push this idea further. Maybe get some alpha or beta testing. I'm sure you could even get a few people to do some QA for free. With a degree in game design I think I would be a good candidate. Just saying Smile
Here is a list of suggestions I've compiled ...

Team Builder
• allow jumper design.
• allow jumpers based on AFL clubs and clubs from other leagues.
• allow individual colours in the jumpers to be changed.
• there’s only nine letters allowed for a club name, so it would be impossible to (re)build any AFL team (from scratch) which has a longer name than that, (e.g. Collingwood, North Melbourne).

Player Editor
• should be able to change an existing player’s number (without having to delist and relist them).
• should be able to change an existing player’s position, (e.g. Dayne Beams goes from HF to ruck rover).
• should be able to change an existing player’s weight.

Player Creator
• understand there’s freaks in the game (e.g. Buddy Franklin), but should have a formula which prohibits people from building fast giants.

• should be able to burn off players, e.g. Ablett sprinting clear from a pack, or Dangerfield gaining distance on whoever’s chasing him.
• pace needs to be equitable with line-breakers. Everybody’s caught, and often by guys who shouldn’t get near them.

• include indicators of options – particularly useful when you have teammates off-screen, e.g. AFL98 had little arrows around the ball-carrier, long arrows indicating options by foot, small arrows for options by handball. Something similar could be used. Power meters could fill the arrows as you’re executing the disposal to gauge accuracy.
• stop players from being flat-footed. Too often teammates are stationery. By the time they take the ball, turn, build up speed, etc., they’re tackled.
• part of AI, but players need to spread from contests and provide options, instead of remaining flat-footed, (particularly in handball situations).
• as a note, the L2 modifier to target teammates is so cumbersome it takes forever to find the player you intend.

• shorten the wind-up for kicking. Too often caught when way clear because the kicking meter is too slow for a long kick.
• basic kicks can go awry – annoying when trying to pick up somebody right in front of you.

• handballs can be too unreliable, which is annoying when they’re basic options, e.g. a teammate a meter away. Instead, the ball drops short, goes back to the handballer, or goes to a completely different option.
• longer handballs are intercepted because your teammate remains flatfooted whilst your opponent runs in for the intercept. Unsure why this happens like this regularly.

• too easily manipulated online.
• should be able to direct the formation of midfielders.
• should have the option to take the ball out of the ruck.
• can be difficult adjusting to who has the ball when cutting (visually) from rucking contests.

• too often unrewarded for tackling, e.g. you can hit 80 tackles a game and not get a single holding the ball decision. That’s the rule for the game. Should, at the least, have a ratio of one holding the ball per eight tackles. It's annoying that you give away far more frees tackling than you get.
• arbitrarily penalise anybody who is tackled following a fend-off

• the success of a potential fend-off should be based on the timing of its it use.
• the fend-off button should provide blind turns and dummies also, attempting to apply whichever is necessary in whatever situation it's used, e.g. when confronted front-on by an opponent, dummy instead.

• it's pretty difficult when running at pace to control the left analog stick for movement, the triangle and modifer for the punch, and then the right analog stick for the direction of the punch.

Set Goal Kicking
• based purely on guesswork and luck. Introduce a goal-kicking meter. Difficulty of the meter can be prejudiced by difficulty of shot, a player’s stats, and his kicking form in that game.
• slow or stop the clock when a player goes into a set shot. Presently, set shots can take minutes of game-time. Wouldn't take much to go into real-time just for set-shots.

Goal Kicking on the Run
• again, based largely on luck. Would be good to have a meter, although it could be unfeasible waiting for accuracy in the run of play.

• too many unrealistic marks, e.g. Ben Johnson from Collingwood taking a screamer.
• stats overly predetermine the outcome of a contest, e.g. your player can have prime position, but he won’t even contest because an opponent with better (marking) stats comes into the contest.
• as part of above, too many unrealistic marks, e.g. your player will be leading to the ball, but the opponent behind you will dive through you (physically impossible) and mark.
• players will sometimes not make an attempt for the mark, e.g. the ball will come straight to them, and they will just watch it go through or over them.
• should be more use of the body allowed. There's the jostle, but there are occasions running to the ball if you held your ground, you should be able to block an opponent.
• should have double and triple grabs for marks.

Man on the Mark
• the player who takes the mark or gets the free will develop a force field around him. You can’t go near him. If you’re behind him and he plays on, he gets to run free, whilst you’re pushed away. (I understand this can be turned off for general play, but online it remains a killer).
• similary on multiplayer, somebody takes the mark and you can't run past and demand the handball because of this force field.
• online, opponents will tackle you following a mark. This should arbitrarily be an automatic 50. It’s not.
• online, opponents will bump you following a mark. Often, this results in the ball spilling free or your player being pushed over the mark and ‘PLAY ON’ being called. Again, should be 50. It's basically a loophole cheat at the moment.

• nice touch, but online people use it instead of tackling to incapacitate or dispossess the ball-carrier. Whilst an occasional free kick can be paid for an ‘Illegal Bump’, would suggest increasing the ration of frees (e.g. 8 out of 10) whenever a player is pushed in the back.
• bumps (as shepherds) should knock opponents over.
• should be able to shepherd on the goal line, but doesn't seem an option.

Changing Players
• too often when you try to change players, it’ll give you a teammate furthest away from the contest.

AI of Teammates
• defensively: teammates will often take the wrong option, e,g, will come to help in a contest you have covered, creating a free man.
• defensively: will zone off and cover an opponent running to a non-dangerous area instead of attacking the ball, even if it’s coming straight to them.
• defensively: will tackle when you’re already tackling, again creating a free man as the tacklers usually end up on the ground.
• offensively: won’t spread when you have the ball to provide options.
• general: will ignore the ball, even when it drops at their feet, instead running to cover an opponent.

Picking up the ball
• players will overrun the ball. Understand this happens (in real life), but perhaps there should be a button modifier to pick it up (e.g. hold down Triangle) or to tap it along (keep tapping Triangle), as that would give you some control over the outcome.
• players will pause just before they’re about to pick up the ball. This will result in them getting tackled when they should’ve broken clear, or will actually result in an opponent picking up the ball, even though they’re behind your player (again, physically impossible).

• there’s an inordinate amount of smothers in the game.
• smothers rebound outrageously.

• team selection is grossly cumbersome. Simply line up players in traditional media format, e.g. players listed positionally line by line, (B, HB, C, HF, F, R, Inter.), with options outside the 22 listed by the side.
• that a player's skill will vary depending on the position in which he's selected is a nice touch, but would suggest midfielders are relatively interchangeable, so any variance should be minor. (Potentially, a player could have a 'Secondary Position', in which he might thrive equally.)
• should be able to select a default team (putting the players in position) which remains your team all the time (until changed).
• between quarters just have a single screen with options (e.g. stats, team selection, scores, etc.), instead of requiring game-players to click through a variety of screens.

• could be wrong, but really feels like momentum’s been programmed into the game, which prejudices statistical probabilities and the outcomes of contests, etc.

• rotations are just silly, e.g. if you have a ruckman as your first interchange, he can end up in the midfield; if you have midfielders there, it can stick one in the ruck or in key positions, etc.

• coin toss: should be able to call the coin toss and call which end you kick to. (Like the cricket games, possibly provide a forecast for the game, which would influence your decision should you win the coin toss.)
• variable weather: weather’s rarely constant, e.g. rains the whole game. Should have conditions which change throughout the course of the game, (although this should be rare).
• twilight games: each quarter the game could darken.
• crowd participation: crowds are generic. Should try and include personalised club and player chants, e.g. the slow ‘COLL-ING-WOOD’ chant, or ‘Toooooooves’ when Toovey goes near the ball. Every club has similar chants or individualised chants for players, (e.g. Carlton supporters have a unique chant for Kreuzer).
• crowds: every stadium is a packed house. Crowds should reflect the success of a club, and the interest in a game (e.g. 1st vs 2nd drawing a full house, 15th vs 16th drawing a small crowd).
• a celebration button (e.g. R1, R2, L1, L2) which can be used after a goal. Would be really good (stir) for online play.
• in a player vs player contest, allowing a third party to take the umpire and control the decisions. (One button could simply blow the whistle, and then a menu of decisions could be presented.)

Seasonal Play
• career mode, e.g. trades, drafts, contracts.
• lower leagues, e.g. WAFL, SANFL, VFL.
• injury reports after each game.
• training, (although without overdoing it; for example, FIFA’s managerial element is becoming overbearing).

• online leagues.
• rematch options, a la FIFA.
• a relative online equalisation of teams, (some game-players have just found ways to manipulate stats or player sizes to prejudice contests).

Existing Glitches (already mentioned)
• can bump a player following a mark, forcing them into a PLAY ON situation
• players sometimes won’t attempt the most basic mark, even in an uncontested situation, e.g. ball is coming straight for your player, and he just watches it go over his head or right through him.
• the player kicking-out can play on, then just walk it back through and is never penalised.
• in ball-ups around the game, sometimes your ruckman will not compete, and just walk away from the contest.
• the advantage rule is pretty ludicrous, e.g. the ball being called back after it's gone through for a goal, the advantage being paid when it's rolled to an opponent or gone through for a behind.

Great start for footy. Will be a really good template to build on.

I want to be able to nominate who the 2nd, 3rd ruck option is on the field.
For example, (auto interchange - medium mode) I play as Hawthorn and wanted to mimic how they setup. So I only had picked only 1 recognized ruckman in Hale, and I wanted him to rest forward and switch with Roughead, but it automatically puts Buddy in the ruck because I guess he has the next best rating. But I don't want him there... I want Roughead to ruck.

Staying on the ruck topic..
3rd man up?, around the ground ruck contests.. maybe there could be a button/control for a 3rd man to come over the top. Ahh.. *idea* see next point..

option to control a stoppage player other than the ruckman? (is this already possible in manual mode?)
So yeah that's obvious.. maybe I want to position and control my rover rather than do the hit out.. or even the wingman or halfback at centre bounces. And then the 3rd man up thing could be incorporated at 'around the grounds' stoppages.

Actual button/configuration to attempt a hanger, rather than the random/timing/rating based fluke. I still have no idea about the ideal timing for marks really. Just having a mark "modifier" function would do it. Then if you stuff it up you give away a free kick. There are no marking contest infringements at all come to think of it.

More in depth and realistic strategy/tactics?
The basic obvious stuff like an extra man in defense, for example. You see and hear about it every game in real life. Another thing is a zone defense beyond just the kick out.. that's modern tactics. The game just doesn't quite reflect the real thing enough for me in how the game unfolds. I know it can get pretty complex pretty quickly though.

What about being able to train the behavior or patterns of particular positions? As in, a training or 'coaching' mode where you set parameters and patterns of movement.

That'll do for now. Thanks for the opportunity to suggest things.
(10-12-2012, 06:44 PM)benjamaniacal Wrote: Ideas/wants

I want to be able to nominate who the 2nd, 3rd ruck option is on the field.
For example, (auto interchange - medium mode) I play as Hawthorn and wanted to mimic how they setup. So I only had picked only 1 recognized ruckman in Hale, and I wanted him to rest forward and switch with Roughead, but it automatically puts Buddy in the ruck because I guess he has the next best rating. But I don't want him there... I want Roughead to ruck.

You can technically control this yourself.

Go edit your players, remove all the ruck ratings from Buddy (and anybody else you don't want to ruck) and give them to Roughead.

The game will just about always put whoever has the second best ruck rating in as your relief ruck.
(10-10-2012, 02:24 PM)Spagman Wrote: You guys almost nailed the controls, I thought they were fantastic.
I thought they were good, but some were really bizarre.

With PS3 Controls:-
- L1 as change player was good to have it match FIFA controls. (I'd say most people who play the AFL games would also play FIFA games, so it's good to keep the controls as similar as possible).
- X as kick was great.
- Square as kick towards goal was good.
- Circle as handball was great.
- I liked Triangle as mark, but had no idea when the right time was to press it (please add a tutorial that gives feedback! )
- I didn't mind Triangle also being fend. This was good, with the timing being a big factor....but the animations took too long, so if you fend once, you usually have another opponent on you before getting to do anything else.

- Sprint should be R2, not R1.
- Spoil shouldn't be a combination of buttons (L2 and Triangle/L2 and Right Stick), but should be a single button (maybe Circle?). (The L2 choice, for me, was really weird, as it's a trigger button, so technically takes longer to press. It made the experience feel clumsy.)
- I would like L2 to be used for banana/snap shots. The amount you press it down = the amount the shot bends. (with added factors of player skill, shot power, pressure on the player etc.) This would make these sorts of shots difficult, and so awesome if you pulled it off.
- Bump as the right stick is good, but it should be directional bumping, not just 'you're pressing the bump stick, go and bump the nearest player even if he is in the other direction'.
- Every one wants the Right stick as a dodge/weave stick when you have the ball.
- Direction arrows would be good for on-the-fly tactics. (Maybe have on-the-fly interchange as R1 + Direction arrows).

I'll try to think up some others.
Another suggestion: people bug out of online play when they're losing. Would be good if there was an option for the PS3 to finish out the match.
Have a Rookie List option when in season mode so you can add players to it.

Maybe have a trade week option where you could trade players to and from your team, you could turn this on or off before starting a new season.

Make sure you include all the new players. I was very annoyed and felt ripped off when I paid $15 for the update for AFL live and players like Steve Morris, Brandon Ellis, Brett O'Hanlon and Todd Elton were not included in Richmond's squad. Steve Morris and Brandon Ellis were both in the side for Richmond's first game for the 2012 season and both missed only one game from then on. The only new players added for Richmond were Ivan Maric and Adam Maric who were already in the game for other teams. Angry
Rookie list is a good idea. Also ties in with my next suggestion ...

If you create a career mode, you should have a 'Potential' attribute, which is an indication of how much a player might improve. So an established player might have zero potential (already having reached their potential), whilst a Nic Natanui might have 80 potential. From there, a factor of training and the way players play (e.g. position, match statistics) will influence which attributes improve.

Of course, some players mightn't reach their potential, whilst others might surprise (and perhaps even surpass it).
One of my concerns (and I might be reading this wrong, but this is the way it seems) is that it's very statistically oriented, with statisics overwhelmingly determining the outcome of probabilities.

I'll give you an example: the ball's kicked to Toovey. His marking stat is probably about 60. He stands right under the ball. Franklin comes running in. His marking stat is about 90. Franklin is in no position to mark the ball. Yet Toovey now becomes incapable of marking, (often in these situations, they won't even put their hands up), and Franklin now accomplishes a physically impossible mark (e.g. he'll actually dive through Toovey, or reach over him).

That just shouldn't happen. I understand if it's one on one, the likelihood is Franklin will outmark Toovey. But in these situations where the ball is coming right to a player and he suddenly just won't compete, and somebody grossly out of position marks instead, it's very frustrating.

I'm also guessing statistics are responsible for that occasional pause that occurs when players run to the ball and just before they're about to pick it up. I'm just guessing but I bet that's caused by Reaction Time, so if Player A has 60 Reaction Time, and Player B -- who is following behind him -- has 90 Reaction Time, the probability determines Player B will pick up the ball first, causing Player A to pause, even though he's the one who's in the prime position and should win the ball 9 times out of 10.

Have played a lot this week, and actually think a handful of tweaks on certain situations would make it an absolutely awesome game. (The AI is the other.)
(10-28-2012, 09:49 AM)Spur Wrote: I'll give you an example: the ball's kicked to Toovey. His marking stat is probably about 60. He stands right under the ball. Franklin comes running in. His marking stat is about 90. Franklin is in no position to mark the ball. Yet Toovey now becomes incapable of marking, (often in these situations, they won't even put their hands up), and Franklin now accomplishes a physically impossible mark (e.g. he'll actually dive through Toovey, or reach over him).

All things being equal the stats will then decide (plus a dice roll) what the outcome will likely be. If both players try to catch the ball then position comes first, stats second. If one player trys to bat the ball and the other tries to mark it then the other arbitration is used based on the skill requirements of what has been chosen (ie what is an easier move to perform).

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