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Still Issues
After all this time there is still so many issues. After each patch it changes from one thing to the next. Balance between what CPU and Player can do is still way off. I've hit passes that on replay are easily level but CPU hits ridiculous ones and is never called on. Never get a high shot from CPU but too easy to do for the player. CPU goes forward in attack and defense nearly every time. CPU winger beats first player every time with a step. CPU can offload more often and later in the tackle and Player hardly has the opportunity. Player passes seem to always be to stood still guys but never CPU. A broken tackle bonus before a game of 20+ to lead to zero broken tackles? Set plays keep jumping and changing just before ruck play. Tackles from CPU last way longer than players are allowed to. Set plays can have guys just sharp turn straight to touch line. Too easy to kick ball out on full and wind from kick off is random. Dummy half sub still has issues. Square defenders and first defender lines of run are pre determined. Player select is still not accurate or predictable. CPU gains on player with ridiculous speed even after huge head start but i can never achieve this. Graphics are good though

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