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Glitch news (PS4)
Still enjoying the game, but found a few more bugs.....

1) When fielding, only one batsman running, both ending up at one end and then the game getting stuck (fielders drift glacially around, no buttons bring any response) and needing to exit in order to get back into game-play. Fortunately, the autosave helps here.

2) Rain delays? I was playing a T20 game, batting first and then the innings came to an end at 16 overs. Bit puzzled, until I saw the opposition's required total had a 'D/L' after it. But, I saw no message, animation or anything during my innings to say there had been a delay. Surely an animated rain cloud isn't out of the question? And you need to know during the innings, so you can adjust your play if necessary. Don't know if this was a one off - perhaps I need to set a game as rainy conditions to explore further?

3) Just a minor one, but if you do a manual appeal and get someone out, you don't get the auto replay of the dismissal.

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