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16th No Ashes on steam yet?
Well either you are all getting a price that is much too high, or mine was too low. I would hold off until Big Ant and Steam get the issue resolved.
(12-16-2017, 09:25 AM)ET1980 Wrote: $99 nz from DBC 17 $74nz just a couple months ago quite the hike

DB17 hasn't moved from £39.99 UK since it's release here in UK
They make it so hard to support them. $99 on Steam is just utterly ridiculous... and they wonder why they lose money on PC? You're pricing out so many people, there's so many games out there these days. You'd rather sell one copy at 99 than two copies at 50?

I don't even pay 99 for games I get hundreds of hours out of - let alone a smaller niche title like Ashes. Go on - just try selling it for $40 or something, then report back. Many people on the fence would buy it.
They charged me USD59.95, which converts into about AUD78 or NZD85. Not sure why you guys are being charged more.

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