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Rlwc on ps4
Hi just been back on rll4 ps4 since before rlwc was added and when i went to click on rlwc comp it directed me to playstation store but says content cannot be selected at this time?
I know the full version of the World Cup Edition was on PS4, but did we ever get word on the DLC for PS4... Thought I read somewhere that there was a delay on the Playstation side... though I haven't looked into it yet as I might be switching consoles for it.
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Some "official" announcements would be helpful with this whole Patch/DLC thing would be nice! What is or will be available on which systems and when? I have a feeling this is one of those BA/TruBlu things which is never good for the end users (us). BTW still waiting for something/anything on PC.

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