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Ashes Cricket (2017) - Some Issues, Some Suggestions
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I've really enjoyed playing the game so far, to the point that I haven't played any of my other games since I bought AC2017, which is quite unusual for me.  I have Career Modes going in Madden, FIFA, and Everybody's Golf, but those have all been neglected as I've spent whatever time I have for gaming on Ashes Cricket.  This surprised me, but the game is really that good.  Having said that, there are a few things that I'd like to see changed or added.  Hopefully, game updates will be offered regularly and will improve the game over time.  The fact that this forum exists gives me hope that perhaps the folks at Big Ant read the forum(s) and thus collect feedback for consideration in deciding what things to improve, add, remove, etc.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Smile

Issues / Errors / Bugs
  • The commentators are too quiet throughout matches.
    • It's probably too time-intensive to implement running discussions similar to those which happen often in real-life cricket broadcasts without there being far too much repetition, but anything which can be done to improve the dead air during matches would be welcomed.
    • When it comes to commenting on the play, the list of possible things which the commentators might say is far too short.  For example:
      • If I've got a good run of powerful shots going, then just before every single ball for a while, the commentator is going to say one of three things:
        • 1. It must be hard for the bowler to concentrate when the crowd is THIS excited!
        • 2. The crowd is really fired up, probably hoping to catch a six!
        • 3. The crowd is excited; where will THIS one go?!

  • The commentators' words often don't match up with what's happening or who is making it happen:
    • Male players are sometimes referred to as "she".
    • If I swing and miss at a bouncer, it's likely that one or both of the commentators will point out that I didn't like the ball and so made no offer at it.
    • Sometimes the commentators will point out that they don't know why I'm appealing (e.g. it's obviously not going to be an lbw)... followed by the umpire sending the batsman on his way off of the field.
    • Sixes are sometimes referred to as fours and vice versa.
    • The commentators take no note of overs which are longer than six balls; they should.
    • I've had overs with a line of [4 W W 1 W *] to which the commentators referred as an over during which my bowler had been smacked around by the batsmen.

  • The color mixer in the Cricket Academy is a real pain to use to good effect.
    • When attempting to set precise colors, a great deal of patience is needed, as setting any one value to a particular number usually takes many attempts to get it done.
      • This problem is the result of the color mixer being manipulated by the thumbsticks on the controller as opposed to some other, more precise input method.
        • Solution 1: enable the ability to enter the numbers by typing.
        • Solution 2: enable the directional pad while the color mixer is being used.
    • Odd problem: the numbers don't seem to be RGB.
      • I've entered RGB values for colors I know (my University's colors, for example) and the resulting colors are nowhere close to how they should appear given the RGB values.
      • It would be great to have the ability to define colors by RGB, Pantone, or HTML code.

  • Despite the automatic replays being selected in the Settings, the replays are infrequent, only showing up for fours, sixes, and wickets.
    • There are many other times that a replay would be entertaining.  To name a few:
      • Ball just barely misses a stump, or in fact makes slight contact which fails to dislodge the bails.
      • Ball collides with the batsman, particularly when delivered at pace.
      • An outfielder makes a great emergency stop just before the ball reaches the rope.
      • Any fielder makes a particularly spectacular play which reduces or in fact eliminates entirely the scoring which would normally occur after such a strike.

  • The Logo Creation tool needs a lot of improvement, as it's not at all intuitive:
    • The instructions and/or guidelines for using the tool are sparse at best, and missing for many of the various tools.  The game doesn't come with an overall manual, so players have to figure out many of the tools by trial and error, no doubt resulting in many players having ideas for logos which would enhance the game for them but not having the knowledge to create said logos.
    • The system of nodes for creating and defining images is brilliant from a technical standpoint; it increases flexibility to near-maximum, but said system is implemented poorly for anyone beyond expert level in dealing with nodes/layers/etc in graphic design.
      • If a user creates an image, let's say just the number "7", then he/she will learn quickly that effecting change on that image overall is quite tedious/cumbersome/glitchy.
      • Sets of nodes which are intended to describe the shape of an image (e.g. the nodes in the "7" which define its shape) are difficult to control collectively, especially due to the fact that no collection of nodes stays selected beyond a single operation upon said set of nodes.
        • Solution 1: create ability to define a set of nodes (and the shape they describe) as an object.
          • When an object is selected, the various image manipulation tools will deal with that object as a single item rather than a collection of nodes.
          • The system could be implemented to revert from an object to a collection of nodes, however I'd recommend against this in most cases, I think.
        • Solution 2: create an "easy mode" for image manipulation, basically making it just like Paint, with the ability to have transparent backgrounds.
    • If I didn't have experience as a graphic designer, I expect that by now I'd have thrown my hands up and said to Hell with trying to create any logos.  Even with said experience, the Logo Creation tool has given me many headaches, as there are expected tools which are absent, tools which don't function as expected, etc.

  • Where is the ability to challenge an umpire's decision?  It's mentioned in various places, but after playing in many different formats since the game debuted, I have yet to have a single opportunity to challenge an umpire's call, which is particularly grating when I take a look at the Big Eye and see that the decision given was horrendously inaccurate.
  • Where is Lord's?
  • The Career Mode is very enjoyable, but beyond the scheduling and playing of matches, it's a bit dry and also has a few issues:
    • Interactions with the media (post-match interviews) could be added.
    • Interactions with fans (Twitter, autograph signing) could be added.
    • Once your player gets to Level 50 (which happens quite quickly), there isn't much point to the CXP system or the objectives.  You get tons of CXP throughout your career, but you don't really get them as you can't use them once you get to 490,000 CXP (Level 50).  It would be very good if there was a particular reason to achieve each objective, e.g. that it would help your player if you reach said objective(s).
    • It would be good to be able to set your Career Mode player as the same entity as your player outside of Career Mode.

Additions Which Would Be Wonderful
  • It would be great if we could customize the Career Mode calendar by adding in a few competitions which we've created in the Cricket Academy.
    • There are many forms of the game, including those which users create, which could be added to the Career Mode calendar as special events.
    • The number could be limited to a particular number of special events per year for those events which do not conform to any "standard" set of rules.

  • When playing a Casual Match, it would be better if players could choose any of the available teams without being restricted to a single gender.
    • If I'm playing with my daughter, and she'd like to be the Aussie women, why must I choose a female team to play with her?  There are plenty of male teams which the very best female teams would smash.

  • In the Cricket Academy, when designing new objects (uniforms, logos, etc), it would be best if we could set up color sets.
    • For example, let's say that I'm designing a uniform and I want the colors throughout the set to be (100,115,115), (50,50,50), (0,0,0), and (256,256,256).
    • It would be ideal if I could set up a palette for the uniform on which I'm working, then be able to simply select from the colors I've defined in advance.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this post.

All the best to you and yours,

"To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."

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