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More "realistic"
Hi Big Ant.

     =-{I will update this post as I find more tips}-=

I like this new Ashes game. Feels much better than DBC 17 did when it was launched.

But I have a few pointers to make your next game (might require a new engine or whatever) more realistic.

A constant through your DBC 14/17 and Ashes is the no-balls. The front foot lands way too far over the popping crease. Normally bowlers miss the crease by centimetres (even having their foot on but not behind the line). Perhaps this could be connected to how late the bowling "jump" input is made.

     At least in Ashes, it seems far to easy for the AI to hit through covers. A pretty standard opening bowlers field is 3 slips, gully, point, mid on, mid off, deep fine leg, Square leg OR mid wicket. Obviously the goal being enticing the batsman to try to hit cover or square drives (looking for an edge). From my games they just slam it through covers most of the time with no difficulty.
     Stances: It would be nice to have the following options: to have open/closed stances, and being able to set default stances for a batsman (currently they all start in  the same position)

Some of your field positions are terrible. The slip cordon is rubbish. Gully is about where "6th Slip" is There's really no such thing beyond "4th slip". As a complete revamp of setting fields: perhaps it would be better to be able to put a player literally anywhere (legal) on the field and merely to have regions named (eg having 4 "point" regions: deep, regular, short, silly, but being able to have a slightly deeper "point" or a silly point that is closer to the slips than normal.) "Mid Wicket" is really about where you have "backward mid wicket). There absolutely needs to be a "45" position for spin bowlers. [Not to mention the under 12's positions of straight hit and back stop]

Further more an absolute must is being able to specify which fielder is in which position

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