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First of all a big salute to Big ant for coming up better games every time. Being a huge cricket fan it was disappointing not to see a game like fifa coming out all these years. All the editions of Big ant cricket has surely worth the play time and support.

However i would like to point out some bugs here:-

1. Fielders outside the 30 yard circle is not on the boundary and ends up giving crucial runs and misses catching opportunities. AT least there should be an option to ask the boundary inrders to stay close to boundary or a few yards ahead of the boundary.

2. I am not a big fan of how points are awarded at the end of each and every match regardless of how you have played. May be you can take a queue from fifa or DBC 14 and enbale that system for the career player growth.

3. Field editor getting messed up at first ball of every over. Even if i make a change to the field many a times its a random field which is being set.

4. AI not pacing in final overs of a ODI match even when the required rate is 12. [I've a solution to AI aggressiveness, happy to discuss if you are interested. ]

5. Commentary is bugged a lot, i know many people would have pointed out before.

6. AI not running even if the ball has been hit outside of 30 yard circle, this could be because of point number 1.

7. AI selecting lineups are at times laughable in real life.

8. Giving the provision in player details to retire a player from a specific format will be a good addition. Like you can retire Dhoni from tests and FC so that he is never considered for selection.

Happy to help out on any above points to make sure the quality of cricket games go better every year. Smile

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