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Thoughts on the game, glitches and fielding failures...
First up, I’m a big fan of cricket, so am naturally well disposed towards cricket games. My last, prior to buying Ashes Cricket, was the Ashes 2009 on the PS3 and my all time fave was EA’s Cricket 07 on the PS2.

So, how is this Ashes title shaping up (PS4)? Well, I think it looks great, the batting and bowling animations are particularly smooth. Batting is intuitive and allows for plenty of choice in the shot selection. There are loads of bowling options and I think that this set up improves on the more unrealistic bowling in older games, where you could almost place the ball exactly where you wanted to. I also love the range of game types on offer, loads of replay value in here; great to have a career mode as well and the customisation options, in-depth tutorial and mini-games all add up to a good package.

Any downsides? Well, the commentary of course. Yes, you can turn it off, but it really detracts from the feeling of the game to go without it or put up with the poor quality. The commentators regularly say things that don’t relate to what’s happened, contradict each other or just say something that makes no sense.
For example, after a play and a miss, the commentator says that was ‘a swing and a miss and the summariser chips in with ‘no stroke offered.’ I’ve also had several times - in a men’s game – ‘she’s off the mark’ when a batsman gets his first run.

And then there’s just the nonsense. A batsman is dismissed – ‘played well there for [pause] 104-6’. When the intention surely was to give his individual score. And a summariser randomly saying ‘six’ when the ball is nestled in the keeper’s gloves. I won’t go on….but it just takes the shine off the game a bit too quickly.
More serious are some gameplay glitches:

·        Batsman plays and misses (not an aggressive or down the track stroke) and somehow glides forward out of the crease and then poses, left elbow high and gets stumped. Any batsman in their right mind who plays and misses would be sliding their foot back or dropping the bat back down to ensure they are safe. This leads to loss of wickets completely outside the player’s control. Frustrating!
·        Striker’s call – the non-striker sets off, but the striker stays rooted. Both end up at one end =  run out. The striker may be slower off the mark – but failing to move at all?
Also, one gameplay point – that I assume is intentional, but doesn’t feel right to me. You get no hint or indicator of a likely LBW or caught behind. In reality, team mates would be appealing as well, so how about something that gives you a clue as to whether you appeal or not? An extra loud snick or some appeals from elsewhere in the team?
Lastly, reflex catches. Is this just me, but I get the circles aligned, it goes green, I press ‘X’ and more than half the time the catch isn’t taken. Is there still a random chance for it to be dropped, or am I doing something wrong? The tutorial suggests that pressing ‘X’ when the circle is green is all you need to do. But clearly I’m missing something. Any help on this last one would be appreciated.
Anyway, there’s enough in here to keep a cricket nut like me playing for months. But some patching up would improve the experience and remove some of the frustration!
In career mode playing at club level every team gets called Adelaide Smashers in commentary too.
hey Ricky Pointing Cricket was dope too Big Grin
up up cronulla

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