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No, if we be a bit more positive about what we could expect rather than dwell on the negatives we might get lucky. Smile
I’m sorry I love the gameplay in his game once you get a handle on it. It does have glitches especially in career mode which is unplayable but I am excited as all hell that we will be getting this.

Hopefully it does fix the issues perhaps they just didn’t mention fixes because they didn’t want to make it look bad in the press release by saying that they were required
I think that this confirms a few things:

1) RLL4 was indeed rushed/released unfinished to ensure that paid DLC could be released
2) That Tru Blu is the biggest problem with the series. How are they releasing a world cup edition this late into the world cup! 
3) That both Big Ant and Tru Blu have no respect for their consumers. Releasing a broken game, not communicating anything regarding fixes, releasing a patch that results in more bugs and then expecting people to pay money for DLC! 

I would like to know what has been fixed and hope that a free patch to make the standard game playable is released at the same time
eb games says 18 December release date
So releasing WC content 2 weeks after the WC finishes...makes sense.

No interest in this for me as the fan hub already has good content to make a WC. I hope there is a patch coming along with this though.
And I see NO mention of a PC version in that post ! So XBOX and PS4 only ?
Pretty excited for this! I'm just glad the game hasn't been completely neglected. 

Love the sound of all the new additions and I'm excited again but I hope this isn't going to be another $100. That'll be a real kick in the teeth but I have a feeling that's what it'll be.

Please tell me it's coming to PC as well!!

Also hope a few of the issues have been fixed.

I was going to start making the WC jerseys today actually but I think I'll hold off a bit until this is released and then just fix little bits like I did with the NRL jerseys. I know that means they'll be a bit late but I hope you can all understand that it means I don't have to do the work twice.
Why would anyone buy this when they couldnt get the original game right
(11-25-2017, 08:26 AM)Makaveli Wrote: Why would anyone buy this when they couldnt get the original game right

This is the million dollar question. Sadly I don't think Tru Blu will allow Big Ant to answer before release. Once again it will be expected that the community just buy it to find out if anything has changed.

I'm open to buying the DLC but definitely won't be at release. I lost all faith in Big Ant and Tru Blu after RLL4. I'm hoping this will restore some trust
It is confirmed the womens world cup teams will be in the game. will this mean there will be nrl womens team such a cronulla in real life have a team and the dragons also do as well will you be able to coach them?. Another question is will the womens faces be face scanned?

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