Poll: Do you agree that the commentary on “Ashes Cricket” and “Don Bradman’s” is so very very poor quality and needs a much improvement.
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I Agree that the commentary needs to be improved 100%.
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I think the commentary on the game is just fine and that no changes need to be made.
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Hello Big Ant Studios

I ave been playing Don Bradman’s cricket since it came out on the PS3 and also when upgrading to the PS4 and was excite to see that their was a new version ‘Ashes Cricket’ and much as i am really enjoying the game why is it that the commentary is so dam poor and in a lot of cases very much incorrect.

Playing the latest version of the game I had hoped that this would have been noted from the pervious versions and the game commentary been improved but sadly i was so very disappointed when playing the game for the first time in career mode.

Not only was the commentary on the game saying the wrong team name that i was playing it was also telling me i had hit 4 when 6’s had been hit and the same when 4 where scored also when drawn games where payed it felt from the commentary that I had lost and in general the commentary while playing the game just feels so very very poor.

I know that the game play is more important but i do feel that a good commentary would add so much more to the game and hope that improvements can be made to change this.

It seems to me that no one really listened to the commentary during the development of the game or if they did very little effort was put into this and in some ways it spoilt the game and i now play most of the matches with the volume turned to mute.

It would have been nice if the likes of Jonathan Agnew or Henry Blowfeld or other members of the TMS team or ever Australian Jim Maxwell could have been utilised with their voices to improve the commentary. 

I do enjoy the game but i feel vast improvement could be made.

I don’t mind it the only thing I noticed is when I’ve set in 620 in 4th innings the female commentator said something along the lines of it being an easy total to chase down lol.

To me the gameplay is more important and I’m loving it. Almost finished my first complete test
(11-19-2017, 09:23 AM)Yes, Agree with that and voted also. Wrote: Sad Sad   let us hope for some fix soon 
Although I haven't got the game yet, I still wouldn't be voting if I had. I'm not a fan of loaded polls where the options are "fully agree with me" vs. "agree that there are absolutely no problems". There is always room for improvement... but the all or none poll isn't something I could vote on.
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