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Possible glitch in Ashes need help
Really enjoying the game so far, it is easily the best cricket game I have ever played. However while playing a test match I have come across an issue. A couple of times I have dismissed a batsmen only to have them remain on the field and a dot ball be shown instead. All 3 times I had to appeal and the umpire gave the batsmen out. My players would come celebrate however it would then go straight to my bowler at the start of his run up with the batsmen still in.

I’m all 3 occasions I never saw the animation of the scoreboard or the batsmen leave the field. I also learnt that when the batsmen info does not come on the screen when there dismissed it means it’s about to happen. 

Any help would be appreciated thankyou
Yep same thing has happened to me as well.

Frustrating as one of mine was a hattrick ball .... hopefully it can be fixed
Also a glitched trophy called "New Cap" which needs to be fixed as me and many others wasted 10 hours and didn't get the trophy - highly frustrating!
Amazing game guys. I never bowl in cricket games until I bought this one however this has happened twice to me both times it was an LBW dismissal.

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