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Making your own league
I keep trying to start a career with a league of 2018 teams but when i start my career i don't get the option to choose another league it just goes straight to picking a team from the standard leagues. I have made some edits to the players and teams, maybe this would affect it?
Do you have Fan Hub changes enabled in the settings?
(10-31-2017, 04:19 PM)Big Ant Studios QA Wrote: Do you have Fan Hub changes enabled in the settings?

yes i do, it was working earlier but i stuffed up the teams so i went back and changed them up a bit and now it wont work.
I have the same problem
Yeah I have tried this as well for a work around, I got it to work if you only have 1 club as a custom team but I had no feeder clubs, I then set every team to 2018 and got a blue screen after it automatically exited the application with a error code, it’s just not meant to be! Career mode is dead to me! I give up!
Can't wait for a Broncos wooden spoon..
I have tried everything I can think of as well that's why I was hoping for a dlc or another patch so bad
People still play this game ?
The game is good soon as I can play career it'll be perfect for me
I'm still playing it... I can understand with the late merry-go-round of player movements that people want to update the teams, but haven't bothered with it myself. Few tweaks will improve it but it's more than playable at the moment. Smile
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Career mode automatically has all of the 2018 transfers reflected in the game also

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