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Don bradman cricket 14 Crashes on ryzen 5 1600
Dear sir,

Since don bradman cricket 17 was not good enough in terms of performance and bugs(according to reviews,gameplay videos et cet ra) so i purchased don bradman cricket 14 it seems great but only one problem is killing me the CRASHES,

I have r5 1600 cpu and after few minutes of playing this game it becomes not responding and crashes at last.
if i change affinity of cpu for this game and allocate only 4 threads it works without any problem ,anything above 4 threads results in crash.

and last is there any fix for my problem or i have to live with it or do i have to return this game, im still under 2 hours i guess ,choice is difficult though any suggestions??


cpu: r5 1600
ram: 16g
gpu: gtx 1050ti
hdd: wd blu 1tb
os: win 10/ubuntu

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