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Planet Cricket Problem
Went to Planet Cricket a little while ago, and I get this message:

"You have to download our New Launcher to visit our forums Click here to download"

That seems very suspicious to me, so I didn't download it. Have they been hacked? I don't any other way to reach them to find out what's going on.
#2 looks suspicious to me also. Certainly don't download anything. Let's wait to see when it comes back up. I think this has happened in the past as well...though I could be mis-remembering that.
Looks like it's back up now...
Yeah... loading good now. Just have to avoid it for now.... someone tell me if they release the Academy. Smile
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(10-14-2017, 10:49 AM)Dr. Dee Wrote: Looks like it's back up now...

Great, thanks.
Well it's back offline again. Looks like it is going to be a more difficult recovery than initially expected.
The site's down, as far as I can tell. I haven't been able to reach it for a few hours.

Anyone have any info?
PlanetCricket is currently undergoing server maintenance, and will be available again soon.
So, I play DBC 14 very frequently with an XBOX 360 controller and I can't change the line of my deliveries.
I am an off - spin bowler and whenever I bowl, the bowl always goes in the middle. Anyway to change that?. Please Help! Thanks in advance !!

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