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World Cup DLC
I just paid $99 for half a game. There's no way in hell I'll be paying any extra for something the community can and already have created themselves.
(10-11-2017, 04:01 PM)BroncosCult Wrote: I just paid $99 for half a game. There's no way in hell I'll be paying any extra for something the community can and already have created themselves.

People have done a great job with content on fanhub no doubt.

 I understand alot of peoples frustration with gamebreaking mechanics and things like duplicate players, player growth, the lack of an online mode where default teams can be locked in, I am one of those frustrated customers. 

But if it come down to 'some' people paying for dlc so the game can have continuous improvement versus people losing faith in the game altogether leading to no rugby league games in the future I would prefer the former.

Also the creators of fanhub have some pretty good likenesses of some players but personally I would like to have the option of paying for full sqauds from certain era's.

I want the gf winning team 'full' sqauds and the iconic jerseys of their era. 

Parra and Dogs of the 80's, Raiders and Broncos of the 90's, Knights etc. 

Cant be arsed to do it myself and dont have the time, I would pay for that shit and so would many others. Leading to improvements even for those tgat dont wish to pay for it. 

There is no current online model where you can play against default teams with default stats. Alot of people dont want to play with or against WWE allstar sqauds with green hulk captains or against legit looking teams which people have allstar players in. 

Its cheesy to alot the traditionalists.
Will there be World Cup dlc or was the licence overlooked or revoked. This iteration falls short in comparison to previous titles. Yes, a small percentage of the game builds on and improves some aspects but knowing its release would be this year surely the world cup campaign would be included. Im enjoying the game when i dont use sprint until i make a line break, gives it a more realistic feel which i welcome. But sadly i dont think it is consistent with Ross's early comments of "the best rugby league game to date" and "far beyond anything they have done previously". That being said i do enjoy the gameplay more even with some bugs or two but as a consumer paying a shelf price identical to an EA Sports title there are some expectations that i feel need to be met regarding getting what you pay for. Currently its a game based on drawing comparisons in price and what you get for that price RLL4 is worth around $65 - $79 with the higher also incorparating world cup content. Hopefully history repeats and the World Cup is added like in previous versions.
I want to play career so bad but can't please announce something soon!
Please let this be the day! ??
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that no one bothered with the WC, either at BigAnt or the IRFL...

That’s unfortunate, as it should have formed part of a wider marketing strategy for the tournament and would have been a welcome boost of renewed interest in this game
My hope has faded now that they have released more footage of ashes cricket
Let's not forget it's Big Ant and Tru Blu we are dealing with. They'll probably release World Cup DLC one week after the final
Ashes is out before the end of the World Cup so wouldn’t be surprised

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