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Struggling newbie :(
I'm losing my mind playing this game. Just picked it up on PS4, playing career mode with a batting AR, batting is up to 45 ish and i'm just about to start my 3rd season. Still only playing in T20s.

I've taken 8 wickets in two seasons and am averaging 11. I CAN NOT hit a boundary. Slogs & chips (L2 & R1) with "good" footwork and timing don't even clear the circle. Every innings i've played I get 90% of my runs in 1s. Not 2s, never 3s, occasionally edged 4s. I've never hit a 6. So i've hit about 400 1s.

What the hell am I doing wrong? Oh, and this is with easy AI and easy batting/bowling. Although if I go into settings mid match it says "medium" so not sure if that is buggy?

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