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Correct All Stars Eligibility
Hi all I've been loving playing the game so far, but as a massive fan of the All Stars game and International Rugby League (particularly tier 2 nations), it kills me seeing the errors that have been made with the eligibilities of the licensed players who cannot be edited when it comes to playing with them in career mode. I understand the situation with not being able to select your own international teams, but for the All Stars there are some very basic errors such as Jake Friend, the captain of the World All Stars, being the first choice hooker for the Indigenous side every season as well as prominent indigenous players such as Latrell Mitchell, Will Chambers (despite being listed as indigenous), Jack Bird and Ash Taylor being selected for the world team. Basically none of the young indigenous players have the correct eligibility listed and the team will run out of players after a few years in career mode. So I'm not sure if this will go towards anything but in the case that there is an easy fix, here are the licensed players that have the wrong All Stars eligibility. 

World listed as Indigenous
- Corey Norman (Eels)
- Jake Friend (Roosters) (listed as World on Fanhub)
- Kurt Baptiste (Raiders)

Indigenous listed as World
- Aidan Sezer (Raiders)
- Jack Wighton (Raiders)
- Clay Priest (Raiders)
- Brenko Lee (Bulldogs)
- Adam Elliott (Bulldogs)
- Jack Bird (Sharks)
- Wade Graham (Sharks)
- Edrick Lee (Sharks)
- Ash Taylor (Titans)
- Chris Grevsmuhl (Titans/released)
- Brian Kelly (Sea Eagles)
- Josh Addo-Carr (Storm)
- Cody Walker (Rabbitohs)
- Alex Johnston (Rabbitohs)
- Kyle Turner (Rabbitohs)
- Connor Watson (Roosters)
- Latrell Mitchell (Roosters)

I can also list potential international eligibility fixes if you'd like.

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