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Footy game without a footy brain
Thought I'd share my thoughts/review of the game so far.
I'm playing the PC version on Pro, highest graphics settings, 15mins halves. I have played many as random teams from rookie upwards, found Pro to be quite tough but still fun. Have started a career but only a few games into it (with 10min halves, 7min nines).

You've done a fine job of creating a game that looks like a Rugby League game, but it needs something to make it feel and play like a rugby league game. I feel like I always have a shot at winning if i play smart football, and if I lose, its (99% of the time) not from a glitch, but rather a poorly timed offload or a bad kick or a missed tackle done by me. There is still that lingering feeling in close matches that I am just one AI side-step away from it being all over though. and goal line defense is almost impossible...almost.

The game and faces look really good. I really don't focus too much on the stadiums and the like, but most look good.
Although, if I'm playing as Manly, the hill seems quite empty, and, for any ground, it always looks like more away supporters in the crowd. not sure what is going on there.

what i think the game needs:
-To be able to view the full skills and attributes of a player from any screen.
-to undo an interchange while on the same screen! or at least before the swap is made. and swapping positions with an interchange pending. I do like the on-the-fly option, and watching them run on and off.
-players standing deeper for back-line plays, and not all just running straight lines either. or possibly a less perfect defensive line.
-some sort of training mode for coach-career mode so its not just, game, next, game, next, etc. maybe some skills game for forwards or backs or halves that can give a form boost depending on how well you go?

Issues I've come across (some may be minor one offs, others more serious):
-holding down for longer than 1 second penalties. got to be fixed. but also give faster play the balls to create some staggered defensive lines and momentum. this will reward good hitups in attack, and/or good tackles in defense.
-send offs for 3 or more penalties...stretch that out to...maybe 5 for hold downs?.
-Strange penalties, such as offside from a kick-to-touch restart tap? what is this? also 10m tap, the defense is always offside, then the AI attacker will run over the dead ball line?
-I've also seen some where a scrum is given, but no penalty has come up. game just stops and packs a scrum (although, could be from stopping due to no advantage for a small knock on somewhere etc)
-After catching a bomb, or catching the ball from a tap back AI players stand still for a while...
-Vossy always saying the opposite of the video refs calls, before the video ref has called it?
-Still see players gathering in kicks that are near the sideline and running straight over it, or even going into the ingoal.
-players not chasing a grubber into the in-goal if the defense is going to get to it first. they stop about 5m out from the try line, allowing the defender to escape, unless you chase them down.
-if the 5th play is near the sideline, the playmaker/main kicker will go stand on the sideline, leaving a prop to do the 5th tackle kick. no, no, no, no, no.
-anyone else's fullback, halfback and 5/8 have really low stamina after about 30mins of game play even if they havent done much tackling or running in the game? (using Manly, so DCE, Green, and Trbojevic, but have seen it when using other teams for casual games)
-the kick/bomb catch meter not moving? am i supposed to do something here or not? have scored some good tries from bombs tho!
-have seen some big-hit animations happen, but the attacking player doesn't have the ball yet? the ball will just keep floating on... anyone else seen this? was denied an awesome try because of this!

and to get the convo started, some Q's for the forum members:
-how low do you let your players go before subbing them? i start to think 70 or below and its off, but seem to run out of subs in some games?

I'll admit i haven't tried all aspects of the game yet and I am definitely not the best, but I'll get to the other game modes eventually. However, I'm giving it a solid 7/10 so far, and would recommend it to hardcore league-fans. its got me hooked...

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