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Please have a Closed Beta!!
Even buying in!! hell i would just to have more tester's on your side to make a better game for you as the Dev's and US as the community!!
up up cronulla
Agree, releasing it and then getting inundated with bug reports all at once isn't the way to go, you want those ironed out before release, not after! Not many games turn out good without proper testing.
Totally agree. The last 2 games shipped in poor states and still not properly fixed.
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I agree. Something like this has to be taken into consideration for future games.
They had buy-in betas for DBC17 and RLL4 - they called them "release date sales".

Jokes aside, from a consumer perspective I actually don't mind the recent practice of them releasing games before they're polished, taking in feedback and then releasing patches. I think we got a better DBC17 experience that way than if they'd delayed the release until they were entirely happy with it, because they got to respond to fan feedback before finishing, and we got to try some version of the game earlier.

I worry that this hurts their sales as people try the game early, can't stand it and then return it or decide not to buy follow-up games, but this doesn't really affect me much at all, so if they want to keep doing what they've been doing, that's fine by me.

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