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1.02 patch
(09-13-2017, 11:15 PM)Steeler Wrote: If you have alternate numbering activated for a team, you have to put your halfback in the 6th spot in the line-up screen and your five-eighth in the 7th spot. then they will be wearing the correct numbers.

I'm confused. I don't have this activated and have Kevin Brown showing correctly as number 6 and Kurt Gidley at 7th and they show correctly, but the numbers still switch in-game?!
have only had time to play a couple of games since the patch but first impressions are that the game has opened up a lot more for attacking play which is great. A couple of times i threw long cut out balls and got my centre actually running/ blasting onto the ball and into a hole with players rushing up in support too which is great to see. Also managed to get my winger in a one on one situation for a couple of tries which i struggled to do before. the play being sped up a fraction helps heaps too. Also, haven't as yet seen the annoying fall over try animation that was really getting to me before the patch although i haven't had any sustained pressure on my line really yet so can't confirm that has been fully addressed.

Need to play a few more games but on the field it seems to be much improved. Now need to get Fan hub issues straightened out and most importantly career mode and we won't be far away from a great rugby game imo.
having played a few more games now, iv'e for some reason found i am getting dominated in almost every hit up and smashed on my back when i used my forwards, even strong ones its like almost going back to last version of the game where forwards were dud, yet the AI are making meters after contact all the time. I'm still using the right stick but it is having nowhere near the effect it had pre patch... for me anyway.
Since I had the patch the home kit for my career team has completely screwed up. I play as wigan and the home kit just became a black kit. I used the fanhub to rectify it for custom games but my career mode is now stuck with a black home kit and I've no idea how/if this can be fixed.  anyone any idea's or do i either start fresh after finishing a season or give up?

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