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1.02 patch
Any notes for this ?
Can't wait for a Broncos wooden spoon..
All good I found them
Can't wait for a Broncos wooden spoon..
(09-13-2017, 12:27 PM)mattystorm1987 Wrote: All good I found them

What are they?

Anything good?
Too many for me to list, you on PS4 ? Go to update history and it's all there
Can't wait for a Broncos wooden spoon..
What horrible timing... I was just starting to build my Castle in MineCraft.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
(09-13-2017, 12:34 PM)mattystorm1987 Wrote: Too many for me to list, you on PS4 ? Go to update history and it's all there

Nope, Xbox, plus I'm at work. Anything significant worth noting?
holy fuck!
We've taken your feedback on board and come up with a new patch update for Rugby League Live 4 on Xbox One and PS4. OUT NOW! Enjoy.
Updates and fixes include.....
Tuned offloads.
Tuned play the ball speeds.
Tuned support runners.
Tuned big hits and ball spills for both user and AI.
Tuned fullback positioning in attacking play.
Tuned player speeds on line break.
Tuned AI kick choices.
Tuned ball spill animations on tries.
Tuned defensive line on last tackle.
Tuned starting be a pro attribute rating.
Tuned halves positioning on last tackle.
Tuned player behaviour near sideline from kick receive.
Tuned AI drive momentum.
Tuned drag tackles near sideline.
Tuned playmaker passing options.
Stamina balance changes.
Added compress defense to tactics menu.
User defense will now get back onside automatically (Setting can be toggled on or off).
Increased career salary cap to $9.4 million.
Interchange HUD can be used during penalty selections, kick offs and goal kicks.
Added depth of field to replays.
Fixed a crash at the end of a season in pro mode.
Fixed a crash in local multiplayer interchange.
Right stick mechanics are now camera relative.
Corrected knock on advantage ruling so the attacking team will no longer receive two zero tackles.
Corrected kick tactic.
Corrected try line fall over try.
Corrected feeder club issues.
Corrected Holden cup fixtures.
Corrected UK jersey numbers.
Corrected AI attempting to pass to be a pro player in front of the ball.
Halfback will now be on the right side of the field.
Overtime in finals matches rather than golden point.
Players sent to the judiciary for head high tackles in career.
Players sent off after 3 head high tackles by the same player.
Corrected a ruling on a missed penalty goal that bounces or hits the goal post before going dead in goal.
Corrected a case where you could attempt to substitute a player in the sin bin.
Corrected scrums when a player is in the sin bin.
Corrected knock on advantage rule.
Corrected various played at rules.
Corrected held in tackle penalty from offloads.
Corrected be a pro substitutions.
Corrected issue with substitutes being passed the ball while running off the field.
Corrected put down try from collisions.
Corrected Auckland Nines commentary.
Corrected an issue where players lined up incorrectly at kickoff.
Corrected ruling for knock on by defending team in goal.
Corrected ruling for collapsed tackle on sideline.
Improved AI behaviour on short kick offs.
Awesome patch. A lot of issues seem to be addressed. Hopefully a tweak to the passing selection  in future patches
Thanks Yuna. Some really good additions/fixes in there. I'm keen to see how different the gameplay feels.

I do wish they had of upgraded career/franchise mode features - eg mid season signings/releases, more in depth stats, etc.

But, hopefully that will come. A girl can dream.

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