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My opinion
I have been playing this game quite a while now and would like to have my opinion. Overall I like the way it plays. Think the set plays are great. The more you play the better you get at them. Support could be slightly better but am finding if you can crab across field you can pick some guys up. Defence is really good. The kicking is fine once you hold button as soon as dummy half passes.The lack of injuries I think is a problem as it limits the squad interaction and alterations that need to be made weekly by NRL teams basically making them non existent. I also think there should be an option to be able to use an attacking and defensive camera view. As in can be both different as to not have to stop on a turnover and change your view if you like to defend in a different view on attack to defence. I also think their should be options to play remote players in all modes. IE. Comp Be a pro against friends. Lastly and I could think of more later I am wondering if anyone is having online comps on Ps4 at all as I am keen.
Oh and another thing is MoM can it be patched that at least the winning team is awarded MoM as it is a little silly when you win 40-10 and the opposition hooker gets MoM. Also on that subject the hooker seems to get mom an inordinate amount of times and I don't run much with them often at all maybe looking at scaling down the hooker getting MoM all the time could be looked at. What about sliders on fending power sidestep ability penalties( I think there should be more random ones). And maybe handling for a few knock ons and hit power to name a few. Would make it much more customisable and enjoyable. Anyway off to have a game!!

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