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AI Defence (on your team)
The AI on your side in this game are absolutely disgusting. 

You have to personally do every single thing, be every player, make every tackle, etc. if I don't do this for even one play, my wingers just leave their men and let them run straight through without stepping. My forwards run backwards and let players stroll through.

Just then, I put a kick into the ingoal and my players ran to the goal line, then all back-pedalled and moved away from the attacker, who escaped the ingoals and had to be tackled by the fullback.

I was powerless in this moment, as THE CHANGE TO CLOSEST PLAYER FUNCTION DOESN'T ****ING WORK, as it just changes me to guys on the right/left of the player I put the cross field kick in with.

Is there some box I can tick to make my AI even slightly functional, or am I doomed to suffer through this disgusting filth even on the easier difficulties?

I've always found the games fell short in some ways, but I've always enjoyed them and recommended them to friends. This is the first League game that is legitimately horrible. Senselessly complex & difficult in stupid areas, while being overly simplistic in areas that need more complexity. It's obvious the people who make these games aren't League lovers.

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