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A few seasons in... my 2 cents
So after a playing daily for about a couple of weeks now I thought I'd put my 2 cents back n (for what that might be worth) 
*Disclaimer: Massive NRL fan but haven't owned a game since RLL1.

I was initially incredibly disappointed when I opened the game and played my first game - the graphics (as mentioned by most players) are incredibly disappointing and I began to think that Iv made a massive mistake in buying this game, however on playing for a number of days/weeks now I am really enjoying the game - the difficulty is challenging, and the rewarding feeling you get when's scoring a try is awesome! Anyway a few thoughts/suggestions below:

- Forward passing needs fixing. Happens too often and is punishing. A lot of issues with passing physics in general in fact
- different animations for stepping would be great as the generic animation doesn't suit some situations
- I really think a 'bullet time' while kicking would be great. Kicking is incredibly rushed feeling in game and makes it difficult to place accurately, would make kicking more fun I think
- as others have said career mode improvements need doing. Almost all players end up with the same base stats (strength, acceleration etc) a few seasons into the game
- some more life in the stadium and environments would be nice
- from what I can tell the lock always passes from the scrum (unless I'm missing something) this makes scrumplay very slow, and I think the ball should always be passed by halfback unless selecting a play in which lock takes ball out. Running Fromm scrum without passing would also be good

Otherwise this is one of my favourite ever sporting games, despite the obvious issues most people have talked about. Love being able to play as my favourite team and select my favourite players.

Looking forward to playing for a long time, and seeing what patches happen over time

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