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Help Help Pleaase [email protected]

I have been playing Don Bradman Cricket 1 (DBC17) on XBox One for the past few months now. Yesterday after pressing continue in Career Mode the save icon appeared and continued to flash for a while until I had to restart the game.

Now, whenever I log into the game it gets stuck on "signing in" and "awaiting sign in " box in the middle with save game icon flashing at the bottom right and just goes on and on.

I tried to go to manage game from the menu of the game to see the save game file, but it does not appear to be there any saved file games there for some reason.

I contacted BigAnt and teh told me to delete the save file and it will reload from the cloud ... but how can i delete it if i cant find teh file in teh 1st place .. also im not sure i have the cloud service

I'd appreciate your help

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