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Difficulty tweaking?
Agreed. Stop crying and get better. Otherwise they will dumb down the game like they did with 3. legend all you had to do was pass to the wing and 1 side step would be guaranteed try, that sucked.
Totally agree with all the complaints here, they've made all these random, medial things extremely complex for no reason.

Passing in the line is impossible, crash balls are useless, this piece of garbage isn't a simulation.
One million percent agree... The jump from rookie to amateur is too big. On rookie I can win games 40+ nill but on amateur I badly badly struggle and is almost unplayable
amatuer mode is getting easy now just side step non stop and you win. Like someone said on page1 backs are useless in the game just use bigs non stop. As for bumping the difficulty up its even worse on normal mode as its a big spike and the AI reads everything and you drop the ball alot. Passing is bad you cant find a hole to run through and if you do pass to spread the ball it goes forward, its slow and the AI catches up and smacks you out cold or it sales through everyone and rolls on the floor. Its as bad as 5th tackle when you try to kick the ball and the AI rushes you and are already in your face before you even receive the ball
The best way to fix this is with sliders. BigAnt could still have the original difficulties and just add a new one with sliders, so people can adjust it too thier liking.
Sliders would be a good addition for those struggling or wanting to change the dynamic.

I've had no problem with the passing or kicking. When I play it smart it works... and when I try to force something from nothing it usually falls apart. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I'm about 11 rounds into my career now and I'm winning Amateur matches pretty well. Saying that, the majority of my tries are disgusting, spammy trash. When I try to play real rugby league, I'm absolutely punished. However if I do as I'm told and spam bump with the forwards and don't pass, I can rack up a score line.

It's just not enjoyable. Not once have I been able to make a linebreak and pass to a support player (you'd think Bevan French would look up at least once). Everything's one out dummy half crap.

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