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Should I get this game?
I haven't played any of the previous versions, so I'm not carrying any 'baggage'.

Steep learning curve, but I think it's a fantastic game and I'm addicted.
I've had every RL game since they started, I remember waiting a day to download the original "Rugby League" demo on pc on the old Dial up! and this is without a shadow of a doubt worth the buy.

No, It's not perfect but looking back it's great to see how far the game has come.

Despite some of the flaws I'm really enjoying the game. The attack is more realistic than ever before. The set plays mean that tries actually look like actual RL tries with players running on angles and it just looks and feels better. (kicking in play/lack of support players aside which are the main negatives)

Everyone will have their own opinion but I'm really enjoying playing the game and I'd hope the things that are letting it down will be patched in the not too distant future.
I had a night playing with friends, where none of us had touched the game. The fact that none of us could really defend made the night quite enjoyable, even with the glitchy trash AI's refusing to make any tackles.

Since then I've only played against CPU opponents and I've found the game terrible. If you want to be good at this game, get used to playing like the Bulldogs at their absolute worst. Slow, grimy footy. Your backs won't score tries, however you might score out of dummy half or with forwards I feel you spam evasion button.

Overall a 2/10 for mine. The worst League game I've ever played.
I would say wait for a patch. In my opinion they rushed the release so they could release a world cup version at the end of the year.

It has elements of a good game but way too many bugs to justify the price.

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