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Steam Release (PC)
My bad, I just found out that there wasn't a update to the fanhub. I thought there was one because the hash was different, but it was because I forgot to update the blobset.header file in the RLL4 Blobset Creator.
had a couple people on there playing today
up up cronulla
So how is the Release date coming along?
up up cronulla
Still no date on the Steam page unfortunately
Come on!! I need it!!
Do want.
BigAnt...over 2 weeks on from console release and still no word on a Steam release...
I've been a supporter of these games since the first ever release thru Tru Blu (Sidhe produced).

I've seen plenty of glitches with this game, so I hope these are being corrected before Steam release. Yes the graphics look great, but a lot of the features seem replicated from RRL3 but corrections need to be made.

Some communication on your behalf would be great!!
They'll be making sure the game is as tip top as can be, they shant be wanting to be hit with a landslide of negative steam reviews and refunds. Shouldn't be too much longer
Pretty much been 3 weeks what gives?
up up cronulla
I expect it to be released on Friday based on previous releases.

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